seek death! Kroop himself buried his own mine

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seek death! Kroop himself buried his own mine

2018-04-25 12:34:18 84 ℃
The game took place in the 75th minute, and Sarah, 2 shots and 2 passes, was replaced in the applause and cheers of Anfield. The score is 5-0. If Liverpool keep this score to the end, the history of the Champions League reorganization will be equivalent to locking down the final tickets. However, the score did not hold on. The Romans, who seemed to have fallen apart, bragged enough and quickly recovered two goals. Obviously a three-ball victory, but when the Red Army fans leave Anfield, how much will be a little strange feeling.


Starting with Salah's first goal, Liverpool took almost half an hour to finish the semi-finals. In the sound of Anfield's horror, Roma players were overwhelmed, the pass was always not in place, and the action was often slowed by half a beat. Liverpool's offense was a wave higher than a wave. As the Guardian stated, Rome was defeated by Liverpool in almost every part of the period. The data can also illustrate this point: During this period of time, the ratio of shots between the two sides was an astonishing 14-1. Rome had 17 sieges and goalkeeper Alisson made three saves and still lost five goals. All of Rome's three substitutions were used up, but DiFrenchico's team didn't look anything like that. Klopp made Innes debut, although he was not a strict substitution for Salah, but letting Egyptian stars take a rest and enjoy the applause of the home fans is also fully understandable - after all, Rome looks like already Not enough.

After Salah's exit, Liverpool shot 1 time, Rome up to 8 times

Oops? In the semifinals of the Champions League, how could the team choose to give up! Even if the five goals are behind, the motivation to score away goals is still inspiring Rome. Finally, Dzhek, who is good at finding Zhongwei behind him and his front-guards, caught Lovren's top. In spite of the rigorous prevention of opportunities, the center in Bosnia and Herzegovina still grasped the fleeting opportunity to calmly complete the break. It didn't take long for Nayengolan to make a penalty again. Perotti made it happen overnight. The atmosphere of the game became different at once. It seemed that Liverpool had become the one to stick to, Rome.Nor is it completely impossible to chase one again. Say Sahlah had lost the sharpest attack point or that the team as a whole had lost its former strength. In short, Liverpool's performance in the last 20 minutes has added some flaws to their perfect performance over half an hour before. . It turns out that if you have the slightest slack in the Champions League, your opponent will have the opportunity to punish you.

Is there a miracle?

So similar to the situation in Barcelona, ​​Roma would be able to complete a major reversal if he could win a 3-0 or 4-1 victory at home. impossible? Before the reversal of Barcelona, ​​no one felt that Roma had the opportunity to score a 3-0 victory at home; even if Barcelona was beaten by a reversal, the Real Madrid, which was seen as much more stable, was still being chased back by Juventus at home for three goals, even In control of the situation, he could not stop losing the ball. "Daily Mail" pointed out that the difference between the performance of home and away in Rome is relatively large, the game was somewhat shocked by the atmosphere of Anfield. Back to the Olympic Stadium, Rome also has a very impressive momentum. In the quarter-finals of Liverpool's second leg of Etihad, Manchester City quickly took the lead and once had a chance to reach 2-0. Rome at least retained its hope of promotion, and Klopp must also be careful about the away game.

Without the final whistle in the Champions League, you never know what will happen. Liverpool had an outstanding performance, but it also gave Rome the possibility of promotion. The second round of confrontation at the Olympic Stadium is still very much anticipated.