Alan Deng Hanwen lost out of Guizhou Hengfeng eliminated, Cannavaro abacus defeated

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Alan Deng Hanwen lost out of Guizhou Hengfeng eliminated, Cannavaro abacus defeated

2018-05-03 00:25:34 195 ℃

A game in the FA Cup this evening attracted more attention. Guangzhou Hengda's game against Guizhou Hengfeng in the main event was forced to be postponed because of the weather. The time of the game should have been 19:35, but because today Guangzhou experienced heavy rain and thunder and lightning, so the game could only be postponed temporarily. The game started when it was delayed for about 20 minutes. The scene was raining. Alan debuted in today’s game. He was suspended for the match and reached the Football Association. He still can debut on the Cup, today's Evergrande is mainly based on substitute players and young players, in addition to Feng Xiao and Gu Deli on the bench are also U23 young players.

Guizhou Hengfeng scored one win and six losses in the league and Dalian was a three point league player. In the penultimate game, although Steve faced the national security in the form of a hat-trick, it was a pity that Guizhou Hengfeng was defeated. This scene does not want to desperately fight for Evergrande in the game, Mansano, their situation in the league is to be able to give up the Football Association Cup, so they are almost all on the bench.

In the first quarter of the match, Evergrande's U23 New Tang Poetry staged a frontier full moon scimitar in the restricted area. The ball directly broke the goal and Evergrande opened up the situation at home. It needs to be said that this is also the first ball of Tang poetry from Guo'an to Evergrande. He came to Evergrande in the summer of Guo'an Gaokaidizhai. Enhanced Evergrande U23 player reserve thickness. In the 43rd minute of the first half of the game, Tang Xin of Guizhou Hengfeng made a pass from the left and Zheng Kaimu scored a tie with his right foot in the middle of the penalty zone. The competition between the two sides of the game is a combination of heavy rain, so really anyone has a chance.

When the second half of the game reached the 54th minute, Evergrande created a penalty kick in the penalty zone. With one stroke, Evergrande passed the score again. In the 71st minute of the second half of the season, Hu Ruibao returned to Hengda's restricted area and topple Zhu Zhengyu. The referee made a penalty penalty, but Liang Xueming scored a penalty kick and was saved by Liu Dianzu. Evergrande still maintained.Leading edge. However, after Liang Xueming staged a good show of his crimes, his shots helped Guizhou Hengfeng to tie the score. The two sides entered the penalty shootout with 2-2.

Penalty kicks Chinese and foreign aid Alan kicks and Deng Hanwen has failed to score. Eventually Evergrande passed a penalty kick at home. The war was unfortunately eliminated by Guizhou Hengfeng. Evergrande is no match for the FA Cup semifinals. This is certainly not a good thing for Cannavaro. Of course, this can be a better focus on the league and the AFC Champions League.