Football Association Cup - Sun Platinum remedy a lofty party 1-0 lore Chongqing promotion 8 strong

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Football Association Cup - Sun Platinum remedy a lofty party 1-0 lore Chongqing promotion 8 strong

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Live it on May 2th, Beijing time May 19th, 19:35, 2018 season FA Cup fifth round continues Chongqing Siwei is home to Dalian. In the first half, Feng Jin broke through the manufacturing threat. Aguirre shot the middle door frame and Dong Honglin was injured. The two teams attacked and defended each other. No goals were generated. The two sides scored 0-0 for the time being. In the second half, Yin Chongyao volleyed and missed. Feng Jin Qichao kicked the ball and missed the opportunity. Sun Guowen was shot in front of the goal and was blocked. Cao Dong shot in the penalty area and was saved by Sun Platinum. In the end, the Dalian side defeated Chongqing Siwei 1-0 and advanced to the next round.

Chongqing Swift defeated Hefei by 2-0 in the previous round, while Dalian side 4-1 eliminated Shenyang Hongyun in Liaoning. In the fifth round of the Super League, the two sides tied 2-2. In terms of lineup, the two teams made a relatively large number of rotations, with multiple U23 teenagers starting the field, Chongqing Swie's size motorcycles stand-by, and Dalian's foreign aid team starting.

With the referee whispering, the whole game officially began. In the 1st minute, Sun Guowen passed the right-sided pass to the restricted area. Dong Honglin followed up, headed the ball and missed the top of the ball. In the 5th minute, Sun Guowen got the ball on the right side of the penalty zone, suddenly made a cold arrow, and the ball was over the crossbar. In the 7th minute, Shan Pengfei made a pass from the left, and Zhang Hui outfought in front of the goal and did not put up strength. The ball was held by Chen Anqi.

In the 12th minute, Feng Jin advanced on the left, left outside the penalty area, and fired a long shot from the remote zone. Edge online.

In the 21st minute, Chen Lei scored a cross from the right, and after hanging to the penalty zone, Feng Jin scored a goal. The top of the ball is off.

In the 25th minute, Shan Pengfei made a pass from the left, Dong Honglin headered in the penalty area, and Chen Anqi lifted the ball. , then fell to the ground and confiscated the ball. In the 28th minute, Dong Yanfeng toppled Aguirre, after processing, and then the game continued.

In the 30th minute, Chen Lei sent on the rightCrossing the ball, Aguirre followed in the middle of the penalty zone and Aguirre followed. The cold arrow was suddenly applied outside the penalty zone. The ball blew up on the crossbar.

In the penalty zone, Yin Chongyao kept up and the referee blew a foul on Yin Jingyao.

In the 37th minute, Chen Lei drew the ball into the restricted area on the right and took a look. Eventually, the ball hit the bottom line. . In the 42nd minute, Dong Honglin was injured and Zhao Xuebin came off the bench.

After 44 minutes, one side got the positioning ball on the left side of the frontcourt, Zhang Hui opened the ball, and then lifted it to the penalty zone. , after point von special headed the ball, the top of the Sweeney player's shoulders on the bottom line.

The first half of the game ended with the two sides temporarily 0-0.

At the beginning of the second half of the game, the 46th minute, the left-footer had a 45-degree pass from the foot, and after the penalty zone, the ball was topped by Shan Pengfei. In the 50th minute, Chongqing Swift counterattacked and Yin Congyao single-handedly reached the restricted area of ​​the frontcourt and left the ball and missed the ball.

At the 52nd minute, outside the penalty zone, Zhang Hui took a long shot and the ball hit a higher one. In the 57th minute, the big motorcycle Fernandinho appeared and replaced Zeng Shuai. In the 58th minute, Yang Ke left the left side of the penalty area and shot long-range with a direct left foot. He missed the right side of the goal and left the bottom line. In the 60th minute, Yang Ke kicked the ball from the left side of the ball to the right in the penalty area. Feng Jin followed and a shot was fired. The ball was easily confiscated by Zi Zi.

On the 65th minute, Chongqing won the ball in the left-field area of ​​the frontcourt. Wang Weicheng set the ball out and hung it to the penalty zone. The ball goes straight to the right line. In the 69th minute, Chen Lei scored a cross from the right and headed to the east of the penalty zone with a header from the ground. The ball was won by Zi Qian. In the 69th minute, the small Moto Fernando came off the bench and replaced Feng Jin.

In the 75th minute, Zhao Xuebin knocked back in the triangle, and at the top of the arc outside the penalty zone, Wundt took a long shot and was blocked by the Swee players. Afterwards, Chongqing counterattacked and Fernandinho scored a left-sided cut in the frontcourt.line. In the 77th minute, Sun Guowen slammed into the left side of the penalty area, kicked the door and attacked Chen Anqi to put the racket out of the line.

In the 78th minute, Yin Cong Yao returned to the triangle and Fernando plugged in the penalty zone. The ball was rescued by Wundt. In the 80th minute, Yang Ke made a pass from the left and the ball slid through the door. In the 82nd minute, Wang Weicheng recorded a right foot in the right foot. Cao Dong got the ball in the penalty zone and kicked the ball. The ball was blocked by Yuzi and missed the opportunity.

At the 90th minute outside the penalty zone, Fernando lifted his foot and missed the ball. In the 91st minute, Zhou Ting of the right wing knocked back, and Sun Pau kicked a long-range shot from the right side of the restricted area outside the penalty zone. The ball hit the left side of the goal and the goal was 1-0 in Chongqing.

In the end, the Dalian side made a 1-0 win at Chongqing Swift.

The two sides lineup

Chongqing Swee's lineup: 25-Chen Anqi, 23-Chen Lei, 21-Chu Donglu, 18-Chang Shuai (57th minute, 30-Fair Nandinho), 6-Zheng Tao, 15-Aguirre, 16- Wang Weicheng, 28- Cao Dong (U23), 13-Yin Congyao (U23), 7-Feng Jin (69th minute, 32- Fernando), 29-Yang Ke (82nd minute, 4-Luo (U23))

Substitutes did not play: 8-Ding Jie, 10-Peng Xinli, 17-Ji Weijie, 22-Cui Yongzhe

Dalian side lineup: 19-Yu Ziqian, 3-Shan Pengfei, 5-Wengte, 2-Wang Wanpeng, 22-Dong Yan Feng (U23), 12-Zhou Ting, 29-Sun Bao, 21-Liu Yingchen (No. 79) Minutes, 7-Wang Liang), 17- Zhang Hui (U23) (62nd minute, 37-Yu Zhen (U23)), 11-Sun Guowen, 36-Dong Honglin (U23) (42nd minute, 33- Zhao Xuebin)

Substitutes did not appear: 14- Yan Peng (U23), 18- Wang Xianyi (U23), 23-Chen Junlin, 38-Yang Fangzhi (U23)

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