Han Qiao: Mutual feeding of illicit milk before the match Real Madrid fans shouted "Liverpool is champion"

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Han Qiao: Mutual feeding of illicit milk before the match Real Madrid fans shouted "Liverpool is champion"

2018-05-03 10:25:01 228 ℃

The glorious Roman city did not end with a second miracle. Beijing time this morning, Red Wolf Italy Rome and the Premier League Reds Liverpool UEFA Champions League in the second leg of the match, although 4-2 to beat opponents, gave opponents this season's first loss in the Champions League, but in two round match system, the total score of 6 to 7 Liverpool eventually lost out.

Indeed, the two teams in Rome and Liverpool contributed two goals to the fans: from 2 to 5 To 4 to 2. The mentality and style of the two teams are very different from the fighting between Real Madrid and Bayern. Real Madrid's offense is an advantage and Bayern's ability to play with stability is a skill. Rome is known as the "red wolf," but wolf sex did not completely break out at the crucial moment. The result was stopped by the Red Army. Rome is not a top team. It has too many imperfections, but its passion is tough. It is praiseworthy to change the playing style of Italian teams.

Say again Real Madrid, 4 to 3 total win over Bayern Munich, qualifying for the third consecutive Champions League final, confirming again The strength of the Galaxy warships on the European battlefield has attracted only the envy and hatred of other teams. This is the helplessness of reality! So Real Madrid fans think that the championship is basically announced. It is worth mentioning that since the UEFA Champions League reorganization, there have been no teams that have been able to achieve the Champions League three consecutive championships, and Real Madrid is only one game away from the miracle. But fans don’t have to be hot-headed and it’s easy to have a lot of happiness. In the history of Real Madrid, they faced the English team three times in the Champions League final. The result was that Real Madrid did not win. Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool and Aberdeen let Real Madrid lose a little temper, so Real Madrid has a final curse in the final of the European Championship. It is hoped that Qidanai’s leading apprentices will break this so-called final curse, which is more commemorative than achieving the third consecutive Champions League title.

Four days after the final, the fans began to "mother milk" and Real Madrid fans were high. Call: Liverpool is the champion, because Liverpool is a better player in the other semi-final. However, Liverpool fans quit: We are in trouble for whom, Rome is the champion. Ha ha!

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