Liverpool away 2-4 Roma score 7-6 returning to the UEFA Champions League final after 11 years

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Liverpool away 2-4 Roma score 7-6 returning to the UEFA Champions League final after 11 years

2018-05-03 10:25:05 287 ℃

Tigers May 3rd, Beijing time May 3rd, 02:45 am, 2017-2018 UEFA Champions League semi-final second round match continues, Rome sits Olympics The court meets Liverpool. In the first half, Philmino assisted Manet in the first place, then Lovren made the clearance to Milner Oolong, Dzeko made the first goal but turned Oolong assists, Vinar Doum headed in, Shalawi shot in the distance. Column; in the second half, Shalavisi shot caused Karlius to smash the ball and Dzeko took the equaliser. Naying Goran broke the world wave. In the end, Liverpool lost 2-4 to Roma but still defeated Roma with a total score of 7-6 to qualify for the finals. Their opponent in the final will be Bayern Munich’s defending champion Real Madrid.

In the first leg of the match, Liverpool made a 5-2 victory over Roma with one foot in the finals and returned to the Olympic Stadium with a three-ball disadvantage. Rome is eager to replicate the legend of Barcelona in the quarter-finals. . In the last round of Serie A, Roma had a 4-1 victory over Chievo and won 4th place in the league in a three-game winning streak, leading the 5th Inter Milan with 4 points and a bright future. Liverpool was equalized by Stoke City 0-0 away in the last round of the league, but the Reds were 6 points ahead of Chelsea, who ranked 5th, basically securing the top 4. The history of the two teams fought in six games. Liverpool had a 3 wins, a 2 draws and a 1 loss. The only loss was in the UEFA Cup. Liverpool lost 0-1 to Rome on home. The two teams met in the Champions League final in the 1983-84 season and Liverpool won the cup with a penalty shootout. However, the wounded soldiers in Liverpool's array were full, and Emre-Channe, Chamberlain, and Lallana had all been reimbursed for the season. The team's midfield strength has been drastically reduced.

At the beginning of the game, Roma took a slight advantage at home, and in the 6th minute, Sharawi made a cross from the front left, and Florenzi took a long shot from the right foot outside the penalty area and the ball swept the bottom line. .

In the 9th minute, Nayyen Goran made a mistake on the left pass and the ball was blocked by Salah. Philmino sent a wonderful diagonal pass after driving straight into the front court, and Mane quickly inserted a penalty kick to the left foot to stop the ball and Rome 0-1 Liverpool.

Flrenner 15th minute Long Road pass, Sharawi headed the penalty area and then headed for a ferry to Central Road. Dzeko snatched points. Lovren grabbed the goal before the Dzeko scored a goal and the ball hit the head of Milner's rebound in the penalty zone to the goal of Liverpool. Rieus has no defense and the ball dunks into the net, Rome 1-1 Liverpool.

< p> In the 16th minute, the ball was rubbed against the right column off the arc with a long shot from the top of the penalty area in front of Mani.


In the 20th minute, Hick heads the left side of the penalty zone and the ball hits Lovel's arm after hitting Lovren's chest. Hick hints the penalty to the referee, but the referee has fined him. Push the person first.

In the 25th minute, Robertson left the ball to take advantage of the speed to get rid of Florentz's defense into the restricted area In the middle of the triangle near the bottom line, Mane shot the left foot from behind and the ball was blocked by Alisson's leg.

On the 26th minute, Milner left the corner on the left side of the court to the penalty area, Fazio headed out to see a high score, D&C and Fan Dian In the fight, the top of the ball headed towards his own goal and became Olong's assist. Wiener Doom snatched the goal before attacking Alisson. Rome 1-2 Liverpool.

In the 35th minute, Salvavy scored a goal from the front left to get rid of Milner defending his right foot and the ball hit Milner. The outstretched right leg is folded over to shoot the right column.

At the 39th minute, Sharawi took the ball to the left and broke into the penalty zone. The referee ignored the referee. Slow motion showed that Alexander Arnold had physical contact with Sharawi, but was not enough to block the foul.

In the 41st minute, Philmino made an oblique pass before the middle of the game, and Salah kept the ball to the left. The foot of the right heel kicked off in the restricted area and it was on his left foot. This was enough to see how the Liverpool player's mentality relaxed on the court.

In the 42nd minute, the front court in Rome instigated the offensive, and Sigg passed the top of the arc of the penalty zone, Nayingo. LAN header flew to the restricted area, Florenzi volleyed right foot right foot in the restricted area, the ball missed the right column.

Leader's 2-1 away from Rome in the first half, Manitou pushed first, Lovren made a clearance Milner Oolong, Dzeko's header changed to Oyun assists, and Wiener Duhm scored a goal.

After the first 49 minutes of the easy side battle, Shalawei gave a straight ball in the middle of the frontcourt. Djeko was knocked to the ground after Kaurius was knocked out of the penalty zone and the referee whistle sounded. The tribune indicates that Zico offside. The slow motion shows that the moment Schiawi passed the ball, Dzeko's offside was not in the offense.

At the 52nd minute, Saravy left the front of the court to get rid of Alexander Arnold's right foot shot into the restricted area. Carrius struggling to save the ball, Djokov left foot in the penalty area to face Carrius calmly right foot volley shot in the upper left corner to equalize, Rome 2-2 Liverpool.

54 minutes, Sa Rach broke into the penalty area and Kolarov forced his left foot to get rid of. The ball hit the Kolarov's leg and turned to Nayengolan's arm. The referee ignored it.

In the 60th minute, De Rossi midfielder sent a long top pass, and the off the bench Yunyuner high speed into the restricted area left foot pad shot, Cary Uz pulled the ball sideways during the retreat.

On the 63rd minute, Naying Goran crosses from the right, Dzeko grabs a nod after the header, Arnold left The foot siege did not kick far, the ball splayed on Chich's body, and Sharif was shot on the left left foot in the penalty zone. The ball hit the bottom line on Arnold's outstretched arm. The Roman players signaled a penalty but the referee judged it. Give a corner to Rome.

After 1 minute, De Rossi's front right-foot right-footed pass in the restricted area, Djeco left inside the penalty zone Right foot stopped and turned left foot volley, the ball rubbed the column out of the bottom line.

At the 69th minute, Milner scored the ball in front of the penalty zone and Marne scored a cross. Pulling a straight into the penalty area, Philmino shot a small angle from the right foot in the penalty zone. The ball was denied by Alisson with his leg.

At the 78th minute, Sigg made a left footed shot from the edge of the penalty area and the ball swept the left side gate to the bottom line.

In the 80th minute, Djokov made a small angle shot from the left left foot in the restricted area. The ball was sideways by Carius. Save it.

At the 86th minute, Naeng Goran scored a right-footed shot from outside the penalty area, Rome 3 -2 Liverpool.

At 93 minutes, Nayinggolan scored a goal and Rome 4-2 Liverpool.

In the end, Liverpool lost 2-4 to Roma but still eliminated them with a total score of 7-6. Their opponent in the final will be defending champion Real Madrid.

Appearance lineup:

Rome (4-3-3):1-Alieson; 11-Kolarov, 44-Manola Sis, 20-Facio, 24-Florenzi; 4-Na-Engolan, 16-De Rossi (68′, 21-Gonalon), 7-Pellegrini (52′, 17 - Clouddale); 92-Saravey (75′,48′, Antonucci), 9-Dedko,14-Shik;

Liverpool (4-3-3):1 - Carius; 26-Robertson, 4-van Dyke, 6-Lovren, 66-Alexander-Arnold (92′,2-Klein); 7-Milner, 14-Henderson, 5 - Vinar Doum; 19 - Manet (83', 17-Clauvan), 9-Fermino, 11-Salah;