Harden buried 17 points in a single game.

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Harden buried 17 points in a single game.

2018-05-03 20:25:44 204 ℃

Harden Humbled 32+11+7

On May 3, Beijing time, the NBA playoffs continued and the Rockets' home 108- 116 lost to the Jazz, the total score was chased into a 1-1 level, which is their first loss to the Jazz this season. Harden had scored 32 points, 11 assists, and 7 rebounds in this game. But at the last minute, he lost his strength and could not save the Rockets.

Harden scored 41 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in the opening game between the two sides, completely detonating the Jazz's strong defense. When talking about how to defend Harden in the second game, the Jazz team's cry Crowder said, "Just let him play hard, try different ways to defend him, you don't want him to be comfortable, if you always use the same defense Method, he will seize the opportunity, we need to constantly change the defense, which is what we intend to do."

But Harden is hard to defend, the main reason is that he can have a variety of means Scored and was very good at sending out passersby to help teammates. In this game, Harden only got 4 points in the first 6 minutes, but he sent out a pass to Capella four times, let the Rockets "cake king" completed the dunk four times, so that the Jazz could not find defense at all The way.

And once the Jazz team tries to go to Harden's pass and not allow him to assist his teammates, it will often be even worse. In the second quarter, the Jazz team adopted such a defensive strategy to allow Mitchell, Claude and Ingles to harass Harden in turn, while allowing the insiders of Gobel and Phevos to try to supplement the defense. .

This defensive style is still not effective. Once the opponent retreats a bit farther, Harden raises his hand to a three-point long shot, and if the opponent rushes near, the situation is even worse. Harden can easily break to the inside, but due to scruples on his passing, the Jazz team often hesitates to make up for the defense. As a result, Harden tends to catch the opponent's instant hesitation, or directly lay the ball. Succeed, or create a penalty shot.

For the second quarter, Harden scored 17 points in a single game. In the downturn of Paul, he almost saved himself from the edge of the crash by his own 19-point effort. After the second half of the game began, Harden sent three assists first, and then opened the scoring mode to help the Rockets go head-over. And he has a one-stop violence screened by Phevos.Extremely deep impression.

It can be frustrating that when Harden was in good shape, he knocked down Exxam in an offensive, eating his fourth convict and being forced to rest. In the final game, Harden ate the fifth crime at the crucial moment, which invisiblely affected his play. In addition, the first three quarters have been helping the team to fill pits. Harden's physical defense has caused some problems with his opponent's wheel defense. When he can no longer continue to play bravely, the Rockets can only swallow the consequences of losing.

Although Harden still got 32 points, 11 assists, and 7 rebounds, he was still the best player in the game. However, he had too many fouls but he needed to pay attention to D'Antoni. In addition, the Rockets' other players will also provide Harden with more help. Otherwise, although the Jazz team can not guard him, they can use the advantage of manpower to abandon Harden. (ssnake)