21-0! This time the Raptors can go fishing in advance.

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21-0! This time the Raptors can go fishing in advance.

2018-05-04 10:25:14 251 ℃

On May 4, Beijing time, just ended the NBA playoffs G2, the Zhan Emperor Cavaliers massacred the Raptors again, and the series had already made a 2-0 lead.

In the game, ESPN Stats & Info gave real-time statistics, and in the case of a 2-0 win in the series, James Wong's 21-round record in the past 21 games is 21 wins and 0 losses. As long as he gets this score, it means that the opponent's season has already ended early.

James Wong left the stage for Love today in the first quarter and the second half of the second quarter. The land serves as an organizer and has sent 7 assists at half time and helped Carrefour score 18+7. Until the third quarter, when the two sides truly opened the score, Zhan Huangbo waved a 9-0 direct single to kill the game. He scored 7 of 10 in a single quarter and scored 15+4+6.

In the last section, James continued to smash the momentum of the Raptors counterattack. He opened the singles mode, Raptors The team could not guard the emperor alone. In the last three quarters, LeBron scored 39 points and easily beat the Raptors. When he can score 40+10 assists, the game has lost suspense. The only question now is that the Cavaliers have to use a few games to end this series. (No.XV)