A man beats a team! James did it in the East. Did he really beat Jordan?

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A man beats a team! James did it in the East. Did he really beat Jordan?

2018-05-04 10:25:24 202 ℃

Recently, there was another Janp Blow in the league. He is the former enemy of the Emperor, Pierce. "Look at what James has done in the playoffs. You can't put anyone in front of him. He's really a man who beats the Pacers with a knight." Pierce said.

One man defeated a team. In the east, James did it again. In the second battle with the Raptors, James once again staged a crazy personal show. After the Raptors lost their home game in the first game, they have no way out and the second home game must be won.

Lory stood up and scored 100 points in the first quarter, scoring 10 points. It was his excellent play that led the Raptors to lead the Cavaliers in the first quarter. However, in the second quarter James began a big runaway. At the last half of the half, James scored consecutively. Throughout the second quarter, James did not have a one-minute break. He made 5 of 7 shots and scored 12 points, plus 5 assists. Under the leadership of James, the Cavaliers scored a half-time at the end of the game.

This created conditions for the counterattack in the second half. After an intermission adjustment, James re-energized. Yes, he didn't feel tired at all. It is hard to imagine that he has already passed 30 years.

After the third quarter, the Cavaliers waved 8-0, and James made Lorry 4th. Second foul. After James had a good pass and stormed 2 and 1 to succeed, the points difference had already opened to double digits. The Raptors paused and could not stop James from attacking. The emperor took home the basket and started a new round of scoring. Throughout the third quarter, James scored 15 points and added 6 assists.

In the face of such James, the Raptors only surrendered. In the fourth quarter, the game entered garbage time early. However, James continued to refresh history. He completed 16th 30+10 assists in the playoffs career, surpassing Jordan and ranked first in history.. At the same time, he completed the 23rd 40+ career in the playoffs. Throughout the fourth quarter, James scored another 12 points. Throughout the game, he got 43 points, 8 rebounds and 14 assists. It's no surprise that the Cavaliers scored 2-0.