The Rockets Warriors defeated Harden and made three trespasses on Thompson's opening, and Green Durant disputed the field.

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The Rockets Warriors defeated Harden and made three trespasses on Thompson's opening, and Green Durant disputed the field.

2018-05-29 10:25:31 217 ℃

After the tie-break in the Western Conference started this morning, yesterday's Eastern Conference rushed to the finals in the Finals, but today is the Rockets' main battle against the Warriors. Many fans have said that in the West, no matter who The champions of the divisions almost locked the championship because the Western Conference champions were really strong this season. Whether they are three-pointers, breakthroughs or superstars, they are even better than the Eastern teams, especially in the face of the previous season. The lack of Irving's knights, whether it is the promotion of the Rockets or the Warriors advancement hopes of winning the championship are very large.

Of course, for the Rockets and Warriors fans, what they need to wait for is that their home team can take the tiebreaker and advance to the Finals if the Rockets win. It will be an epoch-making moment, and if the Warriors wins, then the Finals is a showdown between the Cavaliers and the Warriors. This is an aesthetic fatigue for many fans, but it is also worth the wait. Of course, more Chinese fans are waiting for the Houston Rockets to advance at home. After all, they haven't reached this stage for many years, and this year they have the home advantage and they really have the best time to win.

There are critical star players missing on both sides today. The Rockets' Paul and the Warriors Iguodala continue to miss out. This has a bigger impact on the Rockets. Some of it. The Rockets' defense at the beginning of the game was very good. The Warriors' side was a bit confusing. When Klein Thompson committed a foul twice in the first minute, it meant that he played in this section. It will not be long, and then his defense will be bound to some. Harden made a three-pointer into the game in four minutes and also caused Thompson's three fouls, so he could only play first.

The Warriors had a bad news on the opening stage. Green and Durant had some disputes on the court and both knew that The relationship between people has always been subtle, Green Mother had shelled before Durant did not share Taidi. After the opening, the two teams played a bit nervous. The Rockets' mistakes have also started to change. Fortunately, both the team's ace Harden and Curry's three-pointers have opened, which is very much for the fans. Ok.