Egyptians sued Ramos! Claims 1 Billion Euro: You Injured All Egyptians

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Egyptians sued Ramos! Claims 1 Billion Euro: You Injured All Egyptians

2018-05-29 10:25:35 335 ℃
Ramos was condemned by the Egyptians for the

European Champions League final, but the aftermath of the game is still turbulent. Until now, Real Madrid captain Ramos still In the face of public opinion denounced. Among them, the Egyptians are the most fierce.

The 25th minute of the Champions League final, Ramos and Salah had a physical contact in the fight, which caused Salah to fall and hurt and had to leave early. The injury even affected Salah’s World Cup prospects. As a result of the Egyptian national treasures being injured, Ramos angered the Egyptians at once. An Egyptian lawyer filed a lawsuit and was determined to sue Ramos.

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In an Egyptian TV show, lawyer Bassem Wahba stated: "Ramos was deliberately hurting Salah, and he should be responsible for his actions. After being punished, I filed a lawsuit and a complaint with FIFA. I will ask for compensation and the amount will exceed 1 billion Euros. Because of Ramos's actions, the Egyptian people's body and mind have been greatly hurt."

> revealed that although this compensation does not seem to be achievable, Bassem Wahba promised that if he received compensation, he would donate money to a charity fund. It is worth mentioning that in the famous petition website,, FIFA and UEFA demanded that the number of petitions punished by Ramos was over 300,000.