Zhu Ting 14 points Chinese Women's Volleyball 0-3 United States World Union Jiangmen one wins and two negative ends

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Zhu Ting 14 points Chinese Women's Volleyball 0-3 United States World Union Jiangmen one wins and two negative ends

2018-06-08 00:25:44 232 ℃

On the evening of June 7th, Beijing time, after three rounds of fierce fighting, the Jiangmen stop of the 2018 World Women's Volleyball League ended. In the United States against the leader of the United States, the Chinese women's volleyball team's tandem and grasping opportunities were inferior to their opponents being sealed and suffered the second defeat this week. The scores of the three games were 20-25, 22-25 and 20-25. The United States scored 9 points in a row and scored 9 points at Jiangmen. Brazil scored 4 points with 2 wins and 1 loss. China won 2 points with 1 win and 2 losses. Russia lost 3 points for 1 straight and lost 4 points. .

The starting lineup of the Chinese women's volleyball team is Liu Xiaoyan and Zhu Ting, Fu Gong Yuan Xinyi and Yan Ni, collusion Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia and Li Lin. The United States dispatched Larsson and Bach as the main attackers, and attacked Akin Radevo and Dixon as assistants to Murphy, Lloyds and Robinson.

After the first round of 4 draws, Ding Xia was blocked by a second ball and Bach served for merit. The United States exceeded 6-4. Yan Ni fast-break bite to 6-7, Larsson smash succeeded, the United States 8-6 lead into the first technical timeout. Murphy caught the counterattack and Lloyd scored the serve. The United States pulled the score to 10-6. After Zhu Tingqiang defeated the round, Larsson hit the ball and Murphy countered the ball. The United States took the lead with 12-7. China relied on Yuan Xinyi's fast break and the other side's tee shot to 11-15 and failed to stop Drew from making a breakthrough, 11-16 behind the second technical timeout. Yan Ni's short-term quick hit and Larsson smashed the ball out of bounds. China chased 13-16. Gong Xiangyu slammed the ball out of bounds and regained 5 points advantage. After Liu Xiaoyan attacked and bitten to 16-20, Zhu Ting's attack was blocked and Larsson counterattack succeeded. The United States made a 22-16 victory. Zhu Ting sealed Dixon's back to the 20-24, and Yan Ni blocked the probe from being blocked by Lloyd. China lost 20-25.

After the second inning to 5 draws, Murphy served out of bounds and Zhu Ting counterattacked the lobs. China exceeded 7-5. Liu Xiaoyan’s offensive was stopped by the United States and the Yanni interception probe succeeded. China’s 8-6 lead entered the first technical timeout. Liu Xiaoxuan's attack was blocked, Murphy hit back, and the United States behind 9-11 scored 3 points and 12-11 rebounds. China sent Yao Di and Yang Fangxu. Zhu Ting major tune attack, Yang Fangxu served for meritorious service, China took the lead 15-14. 15 Dixon succeeded in the fast break and the United States suspended 16-15 in the second technical timeout.first. Larsson blocked the attack of Yang Fangxu. The United States opened the score to 18-16. Zhu Ting passed the ball out of bounds after Liu Xiaoyan was not in place. China fell behind 18-21. Yuan Xinyi's efforts to contend for the ball and serve twice reached close to 21-22. The United States won the game with Akin Radwow’s back-to-back 24-22. Zhu Ting's attack was stopped by Lloyd and China lost 22-25.

China behind 1-3 in the third game with Ding Xia’s serve hitting 3 draws. Bach’s storm attackers broke the ball and Gong Xiangyu suffered a setback. The United States exceeded 5-3. After the 6th draw, Larsson played in conjunction with two merits, the United States leading 8-6 into the first technical timeout. After Yuan Xinzheng quickly overcame the round, China sent three to three Yao Di and Yang Fangxu. After 9 draws, Liu Xiaoyan made a strong jump and Zhu Ting hit the ball twice. China opened the score to 13-9. After the United States chased 14 levels, China adjusted its secondary attack to Wang Yuanyuan. Zhu Ting first adjusted the attack and then sealed Murphy's smash, China's 16-14 lead into the second technical timeout. Liu Xiaoyan adjusted the attack and blocked the net three times to expand his lead to 20-15. China's serve round in Bach seriously swiped the wheel, lost 6 points first by the United States 21-20 go-ahead, Li Yingying replaced Liu Xiaoyan. Li Yingying missed the ball and Larsson took another counterattack. Lin Li suffered a setback and Zhu Ting attacked the other team. After losing the game, China lost 4 points 20-25 and lost 0-3 to the United States.

China's captain Zhu Tingyi scored 14 points, and Liu Xiaoyan scored 11 points. Two pairs of Yuan Xinqi and Yan Ni won 9 points and 5 points respectively. The United States' main attacker Bach scored 18 points in the scoring, Dickson and Larsson scored 11 points and 9 points for Murphy.