Guizhou Hengfeng official: Manzano class took over Petrels took over

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Guizhou Hengfeng official: Manzano class took over Petrels took over

2018-06-08 00:25:48 226 ℃

Live News June 7th Chinese Super League Team Guizhou Hengfeng Official Announcement, Head Coach Manzano Class, Petlet Siku served as coach. After the current 11 rounds of the Super League, Hengfeng only got 4 points and ranked the bottom.

The Guizhou Hengfeng Announcement wrote:

Here, Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club thanked Mr. Manzano and his team of coaches for their contributions to Guizhou football. They are at work. Shows a serious and responsible professional attitude. I wish Mr. Manzano and his coaching team all the best in the coming days.

Now the club also handed the position of the first team manager to Dan Petroscu, and we warmly welcome the arrival of the new coaching team.

The press conference for Mr. Petrels’s predecessor’s office will begin on June 12th, 2018, at 15:00 PM.

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