Durant's God Fight Zhan Huangkong cuts three doubles Warriors 3-0 Knight's Champion points

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Durant's God Fight Zhan Huangkong cuts three doubles Warriors 3-0 Knight's Champion points

2018-06-08 00:25:47 225 ℃

Live on June 7 After two away games lost, the Cavaliers returned with a total score of 0-2. At home and then fighting the Warriors, the Warriors side today back Iguodala back injury. In the first quarter, the Cavaliers started to make double-digit lead, but Durant scored 7 points to lead the team to catch up quickly. In the second quarter, the Warriors' Big Fours had a difficult offense, which led to a passive situation again. The Cavaliers re-established double-digit lead by relying on Carrefour and JR Smith's three-pointer in the last three minutes. In the third quarter, McGee made a score of 8 points in the third quarter, and afterwards Durant and Thompson's counterattack, the Warriors completed the go-ahead in the third quarter. The disagreement between the two sides was close to the suspense and remained until the end. In the last 14 shots, only 1 in the last time, Curry scored 5 points in the final shot, plus Durant's final fatal three-pointer to set the victory. In the end, the Warriors 110-102 reversed the Cavaliers and scored the match point, leading the team to a 3-0 lead.

Both Data

Warriors (3-0): Durant 43 points and 13 rebounds 7 Assists, Curry made 3 of 11 shots, 5 rebounds and 6 assists on 16 shots. K-Thompson had 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. Green scored 10 points and 9 assists. McGee scored 10 points, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks, and Livingston added 8 points and 2 assists. Gadala has 8 points and 2 rebounds, and Bell has 10 points and 6 rebounds.

Cavs (0-3): James 33 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 blocks, JR Smith 13 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals, Love 20 points and 13 rebounds, Hill 5 points and 4 assists, T - Thompson had 8 points and 7 rebounds. Xiao Nansi had 5 points and 3 rebounds. He had 15 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks.

In the first quarter, the opening knights made a concerted effort to make the first effort, and Love and JR Smith made three consecutive starts. James then Conquering the offensive rebounds continuously converted into two points. With excellent play, the Cavaliers made a 14-4 start and stopped the Warriors. Durant made mistakes twice in succession before the suspension. Pause the return of Durant hit the iconic jumper to stop bleeding, Iguodala also risk and dunk. But the Cavaliers have more flowering here, Love. JR and Hill fired one after another to score, and the Cavaliers were in control. In the end, Durant opened the offensive mode. He scored seven points in a row and scored a 14-7 offensive to catch up. In the first quarter, the Cavaliers led the Warriors 29-28.

The Warriors' backup lineup is not in the second quarter. The Cavaliers lead the 6-0 offense under James's lead. Open the score. Bell received Greene's dunk to stop the bleeding, Livingston was also back layup, but the overall downturn in the Warriors led to a passive situation, JR Smith and Love took two three-pointers to help the Cavaliers regain double-digit lead . Durant made free throws for the Warriors to stop the bleeding, but the Cavaliers kept pace with James' lead in the organization's series. The end of the splash brothers was restricted, the offense depended on Durant more, and the latter also stood out and scored consecutive points for the team to chase points. At the last moment, he even hit a very far 3-pointer near the buzzer. At halftime, the Cavaliers 58-52 lead the Warriors to finish the first half.

Easily sidelined, McGee became the starter of the game. He scored consecutive cakes at the basket and then scored points. He got a rebound in the basket, 6 points in the opening 9 points from him, plus Durant's hot three-pointer goal, the Warriors sent 11-3 offensive to go all in one go. Thompson's tip-in assisted the Cavaliers to stop the bleeding, but McGee once again returned to layup with Thompson's shot. The Warriors who regained their status quickly regained the lead by relying on quick counterattacks. At the critical moment, the Cavaliers finally found the feeling outside, Hill and JR have hit three points in a row to help the Cavaliers catch up with the score. Since then, the two sides have played against each other, and the Warriors have maintained a slight lead with the goals of Livingston and Thompson. Three quarters of the strike, the Warriors 83-81 overtaken the Cavaliers into the fourth quarter.

The Warriors were led off the bench by Curry, but the team's starting inside could be scored by Bell, and the Cavaliers led by James and Hood continued to counterattack and once regained the lead. The Warriors were forced to change to Durant who was in a state of bravery. The latter came up with a precise jump shot. The two sides have also started a fierce battle, and the scores are almost always alternated in the form of one point. At the end of the period, Curry suddenly broke out. After a 14-for-14 shot, he broke through first and then went straight into the outside line.Super far three points, but the Cavaliers here quickly answered three points to stabilize the situation. However, the Warriors have already been in a hot state at this time. Durant first assisted Iguodala dunk, then he directly into the three points outside the perimeter, in the case of the game with only 50 seconds to obtain a 6-point lead to a victory. In the end, the Warriors 110-102 Lectra Cavaliers scored the match point and rewritten the score 3-0.

Two sides debut

Warriors: Curry, K-Thompson, Durant, Green, McGee

Knight: Hill, JR Smith, James , Love, T-Thompson

Editor: Huijie Zhou

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Times It is difficult for the fourth quarter of the Warriors to attack on the offensive end, which leads to a passive situation again.Knight relies on Love and JR","image_urls":["0JEvTrpavH","0JEvTrOlLM","0JEvTrFuC0","0JEvTrAsja","0JEvTrLqFs","0JEvTrvskj"],"source":"Live it","title ":" Durant Fighting Wars Zhan Huangkong cuts three doubles Warriors 3-0 Cavaliers wins championship point, "url":"https:x2fx2fnews.zhibo8.ccx2fnbax2f2018-06-07x2f124868.htm","mtype":0, "category": "sports", "comment_count": 20382, "etitle": "A battle of Durant's God cannons and three doubles of Warriors' 3-0 Cavaliers' championships", "image": "http:x2fx2fsi1.go2yd .comx2fget-imagex2f0Nmt5sKjHZg","like":119,"upload_images":["http:x2fx2fsi1.go2yd.comx2fget-imagex2f0Nmt5sKjHZg"],"edit_cover":true,"up":786,"down":48,"auth ":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JEvTrL1","dtype":1,"related_docs": [{"date": "2 days ago", "summary": "The Cavaliers and Warriors' finals have now reached 2-0, and the third game is about to start. Taking into account that the first two games were won by the Warriors and the second Warriors was won over by an overwhelming advantage, so many fans and the media are not very optimistic about the Cavaliers, and some even proposed the Warriors 4-0. Swept the Cavaliers saying. And the third game is about to start, the Cavaliers also "," "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "Little Han loves basketball", "title": "The knight has another good news to set off the league! Lu Shuai announced two major adjustments, G3 or let James win. ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60269406","category":"Sports","image":"0JEheqbMRv","comment_count":25,"like":3,"auth ":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JEheq3l","dtype":1,"wemedia_id": 543032,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_clickset_target","factor":"news2news_clickset_target","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor": "news2news_clickset_target"},"point":"0JEvTrL1"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"I believe that many fans are very familiar with the Warriors Dynasty, with two years of three crowns and the upcoming third The crown (this season is only a matter of time). This is the great change that the Warriors have achieved since they took seventh place with Curry. This is a great time. We are very happy that we can witness this three-point era, if the Warriors lineup. If you are stable, perhaps this dynasty can exist for at least 2-3 years, only "," "source": "Audit watching sports", "title": "Trade is imperative! Warriors promised to renewal of Thompson's top salary, under a huge luxury tax to stay in Green? ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60271562","category":"Sports","image":"0JEmbSWYQC","comment_count":33,"like":4,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news" ,"ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JEmbSot","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":628435,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor ":"news2news_clickset_context","factor":"news2news_clickset_context","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_clickset_context"},"point":"0JEvTrL1"}},{" Date":"Yesterday", "summary": "The Cavaliers are home against the Warriors. Before the start of the game, the Warriors are already 2-0 ahead of the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers can't miss the game in the game. 0:3 The chance of leaving the Cavaliers out of the game in the backward situation is almost zero, but the Cavaliers are once again high and low in the game, and they are reversed by the Warriors in a big lead in the opening. James is doing his best but still can't save the team. Very angry, "source": "Basketball thing", "title": "Helpless! Cavalier locker room fierce quarrel! James can't bear to blame his teammates! ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60355189","category":"Sports","image":"0JF96UKJOm","auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type ":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JF96UbM","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":818617,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel"," Factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0JEvTrL1:e237422"}},{"date":"Yesterday ",""summary":" Just now, the third round of the finals of the finals ended. The Warriors finally won the game with Durant's super-god. This game can be said to be very tragic and hit the final stage. Only to win the game, compared to the previous few games, the game can be said to be a convincing match for the Cavaliers lose, just because Durant, in the game the water brothers played poorly, Du Rand led to a strong "," "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "big luck to talk about the ball", "title": "Dispute after the match, Durant was pushed away by the staff, a brother and sister-in-law Return to locker room","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60316608","category":"Sports","image":"0JEzRzyKvA","comment_count":221,"like": 18,"auth":true,"is_gov" :false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JEzRzBl","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":167430,"impid":" 0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point ":"0JEvTrL1:e557836"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"In the half game, the Cavaliers scored 58 points and 52 points and 6 points from the Warriors. The two teams once scored as much as 13 points. However, after entering the third quarter, the Cavaliers suddenly fired, in the first 4 minutes by the Warriors played a 17 to 6 attack wave. ","b_political":true,"wm_copyright":"Original","source":"Hometown Sports","title":" Curry 4 points Thompson 5 points, the championship Warriors suddenly broke out, reversal of the Emperor James Knight 18 points","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60301910","category":"Sports","image":"0JEvHzxHMk","comment_count":2,"auth":true ,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","docid":"0JEvHzOx","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":652890,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508" ,"detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_clickset_context","factor":"news2news_clickset_context","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_clickset_context","mashtype":"news-Rel"},"point":"0JEvTrL1"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"One of 8 points in Curry's half game took 2 points and lost up to 3 times In the foul, Thompson scored 5 points in 2 of 7 and 4 points in Green 3. However, the Warriors team still has a dead Durant who is stumbling away. Durant scored 10 of 7 in half crazy, and scored 3 3-pointers, scoring 24 points and 8 rebounds wide. , Two assists were sent, one team got "","wm_copyright":"original","source":"hometown sports","title":"Incredible, Curry 8 in 1 Thompson 7 in 2 , the splash brothers dumb fire, Durant cut 24+8","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60297712","category":"sports","image":"0JEsXOxHMk"," Comment_count":26,"like":3,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":" 0JEsXOkp","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":652890,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_clickset_context","factor":"news2news_clickset_context","trans_info":{" Mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_clickset_context"},"point":"0JEvTrL1"}},{"date":"2 days ago","summary":"Rabin Rondo as The NBA's famous geek, his ability to tandem organization has always been the NBAThe top of the league, then how strong is his assisting ability? What we can't think of is that six years ago, in order to keep Chris Paul assisting the king, the NBA changed the rules to limit him. "," "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "What an interesting thing about basketball", "title": "How strong is Rondo's assisting ability?" The NBA League changed the rules in order to keep Paul's assists.", "url" :"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60268526","category":"Sports","image":"0JEhNXJSwu","like":1,"comment_count":13,"auth":true," Is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JEhNXx3","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":611955,"impid" :"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_clickset_target","factor":"news2news_clickset_target","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_clickset_target"}, "point": "0JEvTrL1"}}, {"date": "yesterday", "summary": "June 7, Beijing time, the Warriors came to the Cavaliers to play the third game of the two sides. The previous two games were won by the Warriors. This victory is too important for the Cavaliers. If you lose the entire series, you will lose. Although the Cavaliers will play bloody and tough, but did not withstand the outbreak of Durant, he was one of the audience against the Cavaliers five, it is simply to win the game. He is the "nothing", "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "Old Deng Qiuqiu", "title": "Curi Thompson teamed up 20 times in a crazy fight, Death 43 Dui Forced to defeat the Lectra Knight," "url": "http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60308799" , "category": "sports", "image": "0JEwPHgPl8", "comment_count": 5, "auth": true, "is_gov": false, "content_type": "news", "ctype": "news" ,"b_political":false,"docid":"0JEwPHrM","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":237668,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor ":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0JEvTrL1:e237422"}},{"date":"Yesterday" , "summary": "June 7, Beijing time, the NBA Finals game continues, the Cavaliers ushered in the Warriors challenge at home, in the previous two games, the Warriors score 2:0 lead the Cavaliers, as of So far, the two sides have finished playing halftime and the Cavaliers 58-52 lead the Warriors.","wm_copyright":"Original","source":"Large talks on the ball","title":"Warriors even welcome the bad news, the main force The generals were injured and left the court. Greencurry was even controversial." ""url":"htt p:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60300070","category":"Sports","image":"0JEtleEOYH","comment_count":4,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JEtleOS" ,"dtype":1,"wemedia_id":167430,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"mashtype" :"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0JEvTrL1:e337708"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"June 7, Beijing time, g The Cleveland Cavaliers took home against the Golden State Warriors. In the G3 finals of the Finals, James scored 33 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists in 13 triple-doubles, and Carrefour scored 20 points. The board's double-double data, but unfortunately the Cavaliers still suffered a three-game losing streak with 102:110 to the Warriors. At present, the total score of the series has come to "," "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "small Li Wei basketball "," "title": "The Cavaliers may encounter a sweep, Green Kai small public will put words ridicule: challenge the Warriors also have to look at us", "url": "http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=60356370", "category": "sports", "image": "0JF9BN1hwN", "auth" :true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JF9BNXB","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":723069,"impid":"0JEvTrL1_1528376502508","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{" Mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0JEvTrL1:e237422"}}],"bottom_channels":[{"id":"e557836","type":" Entry","name":"Durant","image":"http:x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2fiqd30sbt_7d0fd1d1.jpg","summary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount":"405,000 people Subscribe to ","disable_op":3},{"id":"e237422","type":"entry","name":"The Cavaliers","image":"http:x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2figvoshkc_7e0gd1d1.jpg ","summary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount":"93.6 million subscribers","disable_op":3},{"id":"e337708","type":"entry", "name": "Golden State Warrior", "image": "http:x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2figvoxnb6_7e00d1d1.jpg","summary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount":"92.2 million subscriptions", "disable_op":3}],"title_sn":0}}');})();