Heavy! C Ronaldo decides to leave Real Madrid

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Heavy! C Ronaldo decides to leave Real Madrid

2018-06-08 00:26:18 219 ℃

Ronaldo decides to leave Real Madrid

"C Ronaldo left Real Madrid!" This is the cover of the Portuguese edition of the Portuguese newspaper The Record. According to the newspaper, Ronaldo has made an unchangeable decision because Florentino failed to fulfill his promise to raise his salary. Ronaldo decided to leave Real Madrid. Spanish newspapers Marca and Aspen have also reproduced this report.

The Marca newspaper disclosed that Real Madrid general manager Jose Sanchez held a meeting with Ronaldo Mendes on Thursday. The Ronaldo team was told that Real Madrid would not satisfy Ronaldo. Increase salary requirement.

According to the "Report" pointed out that Ronaldo's decision "is not related to money and approval." Ronaldo did not like his promise failed to honor, failed to improve his contract, plus Real Madrid Neymar's obsession.

Records headlines

In addition, Zidane’s departure has also had an impact. He is maintaining Ronaldo and Real Madrid. The important person. At present, in the locker room, Ronaldo’s close friends have already left, such as Pepe, Cohn Trang and J Luo.

According to the “Records”, Cristiano Ronaldo’s next stop may be a Serie A, French Liga, or Premier League

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