VAR becomes the focus of the game, how to use it reasonably

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VAR becomes the focus of the game, how to use it reasonably

2018-08-03 00:25:05 120 ℃

虎扑 August 2nd VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has not stopped since the full-scale launch of this season. The referee watched the VAR for too long, enabled the timing of VAR playback, and even the fundamentals of VAR's life--accuracy were repeatedly questioned by outsiders. In the rounds of the league after the end of the intermission period, there has been some controversy in the use of VAR.

In the second half of Tianjin TEDA against Guangzhou Evergrande, Achimpen received a teammate in the restricted area and made a shot, but was judged to be offside by the line and VAR. From the slow-motion perspective, the ball is not offside. It can be said that VAR did not correct the wrong decision of the lineman and killed TEDA's offensive opportunity.

In addition to the wrong decision, the referee spends too much time on the sidelines to check the progress of the game. It has caused a certain impact, and it has invisibly lengthened the time of the game. At the same time, the activation of the VAR itself is also affecting the judgment of the referee. The penalty for the key ball is no longer decisive, but it has some dependence on the VAR. These phenomena have become very prominent in recent rounds.

The end of the first half of the league, the title and relegation situation will become clearer with the start of the schedule, often a key decision of the referee may decide a team in this The game, even the fate of this season, if you use VAR more reasonably, let it play the biggest role, it is worthy of every referee and related people to think.