Chongqing will have a big change and a new coach this week, the official announcement of the team performance angered sponsors

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Chongqing will have a big change and a new coach this week, the official announcement of the team performance angered sponsors

2018-08-06 10:25:10 80 ℃
Chongqing ushered in new changes

Reporter Lu Mi reported on the 4th round of the Super League on the 4th, Chongqing Siwei was on the road to the squad to promote the Beijing and Beijing, and a draw, let Chongqing Siwei, who was in the downturn recently, was able to breathe.

The first defeated Guangzhou Evergrande, after the home defeated the "deputy squad leader" Guizhou Hengfeng, now in the away game with foreign aid goals, thrilling and flattering newly promoted Beijing and the outside world, Chongqing Sway The voice of condemnation continues. From Paul Bento to acting coach Hao Haitao, and finally to management Jia Guangpeng, the anger of the fans has not been able to calm down. After this game, the reporter learned that the heavy club will have a larger personnel change within this week, the club's executive vice president Jia Guangpeng will leave with the agent coach Hao Haitao, and the new head coach will get the latest Tuesday. The club official announced.

This season, for Chongqing football, the level of turmoil is no less than the transfer failure after the success of Chongchao in 2014. At the beginning of the season, the team experienced a loss of staff and the lineup could not reinforce. In the long interval, the team that had been four-game losing streak had not been able to adjust the unsuitable coach in time, and then had the subsequent painful defeat, which made the team once forced to the edge of the relegation zone.

After the 13th round of winning TEDA in the away game, although the team temporarily stopped the losing streak, but the head coach Bento blame, can not escape the fate of being class. Subsequently, Jia Guangpeng, the deputy general manager of the team, supported the Chinese coaching team. Hao Haitao, who had no previous experience in supervising the game, led the team to play three games, 2 losses and 1 draw, and lost 10 goals. The test of the three games obviously did not achieve the effect that the high-levels wanted, and the team could not even show the basic style of play. Just after the game played by the "deputy squad leader" Guizhou Hengfeng at home, Gong Daxing, the sponsor of the watch watch in the stands, was also angry, even after the game, Weibo vented the performance of the team. dissatisfied.

Before this game with Beijingers, both the fans and the local media in Chongqing have already reached the point of anger. They can’t forgive the top of the club’s selection at the beginning of the season. Mistakes and inaction during the mid-term adjustment. Just as Jiang Lizhang took over Chongqing football in just two years, he was screamed by Chongqing fans in the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center.

Even in this round of leagues, the team scored 1 point on the road and could not alleviate the "beams" that he had established with the fans. Therefore, there will be an upcoming high-level adjustment. After playing the game with the people, the team owner had a dinner party, the club's executive vice president Jia Guangpeng thanked the players for their hard work in this game, in addition to expressing a lot of gratitude. Subsequently, his circle of friends also hinted at the information he might leave the club. This news, the reporter was confirmed by the relevant people on the 5th, the recently deputy director of the club, Jia Guangpeng, will indeed leave the club, and he also left the agent coach Hao Haitao.

At the latest on Tuesday, the new head coach of Chongqing Siwei will surface. This time, Jiang Lizhang still chose a foreign coach to take over the team. What is different is that the new coach will not be as famous as Paul Bento. In fact, the replacement of Hao Haitao was decided by Jiang Lizhang after the team lost to Guangzhou Evergrande. It is understood that the current round of the game between Siwei and Beijing, the upcoming head coach has already gone to Beijing to watch the battle. If the person and the time to hold the 1-0 score to the end, then this official announcement will come early that night.

Unlike the position of the head coach, after the deputy general Jia Guangpeng left, the club will not have new management coming. After all, after the double-edged sword took over Chongqing football, there was a lot of football in the management position. Counting down, there are Yao Xia, Guo Guangqi, District Chuliang, Hou Gonglei, and even “foreign aid” Adams and Trussi, but these managements have not been able to serve in the club for a long time, and some even don’t even Quietly left in half a year.

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