The Rockets are ready to fight the Warriors, but the X factor is more than the Warriors.

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The Rockets are ready to fight the Warriors, but the X factor is more than the Warriors.

2018-09-10 20:25:04 107 ℃

The NBA season is about a month away, and the reinforcements of each team have been largely completed. The Rockets are undoubtedly one of the fans' most concerned teams. They played seven games with the Warriors last season, which made most people think they are still the strongest challengers of the Warriors. So, according to the current lineup of the Rockets, can they create more miracles?

The Rockets traded Anderson and Melton a few days ago in exchange for Chris and Knight of Tianyang. To put it simply here, Anderson is a good player and a good man. He voluntarily accepts a pay cut for the deal. If he is laid off in the final season, he will only get $15.6 million. However, the Suns have promised that he will become the starting power forward for the new season. This may be the best result for Anderson. The best way for athletes to show value is to play. He is not incompetent, but not suitable for rockets. In addition to the fact that the defensive end moves slowly and is often targeted by opponents, he still has a lot of characteristics on the offensive end. A career 38.2% three-point percentage can help the Suns.

For the Rockets, I am more optimistic about Chris in this deal. He has the talent of the first round of No. 8 seed, and his athletic ability is very good. If he can improve his shooting and finishing ability at the rim, We will see the Rockets next cake king. Knight is a proven guard who has been seriously plagued by injuries in recent years. A healthy Knight is a backup point guard that is more suitable for the Rockets than McAway. In addition, the Rockets can also use his contract space. As a follow-up reinforcement. The Rockets would like to thank Anderson, his generosity saved the Rockets 8 million, and also hope that Knight and Chris can play a better career in the Rockets.

Besides Anderson, the most important personnel change is to replace Ariza + Bamot with Anthony + Ennis + Cabo Klo. The fans are most worried about whether Anthony can be integrated into the Rockets. This is a commonplace topic. The Rockets intend to put Anthony at the power forward position in the new season, so as to avoid the slow movement of his defense. What the Rockets really want is Anthony's offense, his low post, mid-range, and three-pointers. I believe that the presence of Paul and Harden will make Melo a better season than last season. In addition, the Rockets also introduced Cabo Klo, 2.06 in height and 2.31 in the wingspan, which is undoubtedly prepared for defending Durant.

What will happen to the Rockets in the new season? We need to look at the game specifically, but obviously the X factor in their team is more than the Warriors. The Warriors can gamble on the state of Cousins, they have this strength and capital, and the Rockets must be perfect.