Finally welcome the news! 2.18 meters teenager 19 points in a single game He is the hope of the Shandong team?

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Finally welcome the news! 2.18 meters teenager 19 points in a single game He is the hope of the Shandong team?

2018-09-10 20:25:06 99 ℃

This summer, most of the news about the Shandong team is unfavorable to the team, replacing the sponsor, Ding Yan Yuhang injured, 睢冉 season reimbursement, team signing is not good, it can be said that the Shandong team is in the summer What we have spent in the complaints, it seems that the Shandong team will fall in the new season. However, as the saying goes, it is a good helper. If you want to get rid of the current predicament, the Shandong team has to rely on itself. Recently, a player from the Shandong team proved this. He used his strong performance as a Shandong fan. Brought a long-lost hope.

Shandong teenager Zhu Rongzhen scored 19 points against Qingdao

The recent performance of Shandong team teenager Zhu Rongzhen Very good, especially in the warm-up match between Shandong and Qingdao, the 20-year-old teenager became the new scorer of the Shandong team. In the whole game, Zhu Rongzhen faced the two veterans of Zongzan and Inchwei. He used his own height and opponent Zou Yu, and constantly grabbed offensive rebounds and scored 2 attacks. He scored the whole team. The highest score of 19. On the defensive end, he also well protected the inside, making it difficult for the Qingdao team to score through the inside attack. In this game, Zhang Yuyu and Wang Siqi of the Qingdao team opened fire on the outside, but it was Zhu Rongzhen who kept the inside line and did not let the Qingdao team win the game.

Zhu Rongzhen's progress in this offseason is particularly strong

have to say that Zhu Rongzhen can at this time It is really too important for the Shandong team to have such performance. Because last season, the team showed the weakness of the average height of the inside is too short to be guarded. In the semi-final, the Shandong team's inside line can play too little role in the front of Pineapple Sith, Hu Jinqiu and Su Ruoqiang. This also led to the defeat of the Shandong team. I believe that all of Zhu Rongzhen's last season was in the eye, and because of this, his strength and skills in the offseason have made great progress, which has made his competitiveness in the game a step. If all goes well, I believe he will be able to adapt to the strength of the CBA in the new season.

The Shandong team has no local high center since the team was established

In fact, since the Shandong team built the team The team has always had a regret. That is, the Shandong team has never had a tall inside line of 215cm or more. Such a situation is very deadly in the CBA that attaches great importance to the inside, because in the history of CBA, in addition to the Beijing Shougang team, the other teams that won the championship have 1-2 heights of 215cm or so. This is also one of the reasons why the Shandong team has been stalled in the playoffs. Therefore, in the early stage of Ding Yan Yuhang is in the peak state, the appearance of Zhu Rongzhen is just the right time for the Shandong team. As long as he can train him well, the future of the Shandong team is still bright.

I hope that Zhu Rongzhen can seize this opportunity to prove himself

but for Zhu Rongzhen, warm up Playing well in the game does not mean that he can play in the regular season. Before the new season, he still needs to further strengthen his strength and physical strength. The competition in the CBA league is very dangerous. It is not easy for any athlete. I hope that Zhu Rongzhen can seize this opportunity and lay a sky for his future.