From the Asian Games Greenfield to the Shining Asian Cup, who are you more optimistic about?

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From the Asian Games Greenfield to the Shining Asian Cup, who are you more optimistic about?

2018-09-13 10:25:25 69 ℃

Reference News Network reported on September 10 Foreign media said that in the Asian Games men’s football finals in Jakarta, we witnessed the Korean team’s goal in the overtime with Huang Xican’s goal. 1 defeated Japan to win the championship, and now we will turn our attention to the 2019 Asian Cup. In the past Asian Games, there are six football players in the green field in Indonesia, they will fight for the country again in the Asian Cup in January next year.

Vietnam Twilight Sea

The young talent of the Vietnamese football gold generation, Shuguanghai. The offensive midfielder won the runner-up with five goals in the U18 Asian Cup in 2018. The 21-year-old Shuguanghai continued his good competitive state. In the Asian Games group match against Japan, he achieved an impressive goal with an impressive goal. Vietnam finally blew 1:0 to defeat the opponent.

Although the Vietnamese team lost in the bronze medal battle due to the loss of the penalty, the loss of the entire Asian Games was ultimately mixed, but as a helping team to eliminate Bahrain, Syria. An important member, he made a great contribution to Vietnam’s final fourth place.

Korean Huang Yizhu

The South Korean team has been trying to find a forward who can replace the veteran Li Dongguo. Huang Yizhu made a big splash at the 2018 Asian Games and won the final golden boots, which is enough to prove to the head coach that he will be the most competitive candidate in this position in the 2019 Asian Cup.

There is an impressive state of representation for Gamba Osaka in the league, with 14 goals in 27 appearances also proving that he is the closest person to that position.

In the Asian Games in Indonesia, Li Shengyou, Sun Xingyu and Huang Xican are already star players in the Korean team, but the emergence of Huang Yizhu and the key goal will determine whether Korea can be 58 After the year, I won the key person of the Asian Cup again.

China Wei Shihao

China’s passion for football is beyond words, and huge fan groups are all looking forward to China. Men's football can improve performance. One of the players who gave them high hopes was Wei Shihao. His goal at the Asian Games is unforgettable.

The 23-year-old Wei Shihao is from Anhui. As a striker, he is very precious in China. He continued his wonderful personal performance in the AFC U23 Championship in January and scored in the four games of the U23 China Asian Games. Since entering the adult team at the end of 2017, Wei Shihao has become more and more powerful, and he was also highly hoped by coach Lippi in the 2019 Asian Cup.

Korean Kim Sangcheng

The 2017 AFC Cup's top scorer Kim Yoe Sang continues This year's outstanding performance in the intercontinental competition. The player was the leader of the North Korean team at the Asian Games and led the team to the quarter-finals.

Jin Youcheng is also a player who will play well at a crucial moment. In the game against Saudi Arabia, he scored twice as the pillar of the team, ensuring that North Korea avoided the team's fate.

The 23-year-old has maintained a good state of five goals in six games in the AFC Cup this year. Therefore, whether the North Korean team can go further, and Kim’s performance on the spot that is good at the crucial moment will be a big decisive factor.

United Arab Emirates Mohammed Shamsi

On the Asian Games, silent Hamad Shamsi is undoubtedly the loyal guardian of the team. As the last line of defense, he contributed to the UAE winning a valuable bronze medal.

Hammad Shamsey was named the best goalkeeper in the UAE's local league last season, and he also showed excellent status in the Asian Games. He is not only a goalkeeper who has performed well in sports, but in the 16-match victory over North Korea and the bronze medal battle with Vietnam, he faced two penalty shootouts and his brave performance became the magic weapon for the team to win.

Uzbekistan Alibayev

In the Asian Games, how many Uzbekistan teams The famous player is bright. In the AFC U-23 Championship, players on the three lines of midfield, defender and forward have demonstrated their growing technical and tactical skills, including midfielder Hamrobekov and fullback Camilo. And the offensive organizer Sitkov.

And in the new force of the "Central Asian White Wolf", Alibayev proved his superiority. In the Asian Games scorer's list, he is the second-best player, and the five goals in five games did not affect his role as a defensive player.

At the age of 24, he is the most important asset of the "Central Asian White Wolf" Uzbekistan team fighting in the 2019 Asian Cup.