Lin Dan eliminated Zhou Tiancheng and will fight against Taotian.

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Lin Dan eliminated Zhou Tiancheng and will fight against Taotian.

2018-09-14 00:25:11 72 ℃
Lin Dan

1 hour and 11 minutes of hard work, after three games, Lin Dan reversed the victory of No. 5 seed Zhou Tiancheng, advanced to the Japanese Open's men's singles, and then He will fight for a four-strong seat with Tao Tianxian, who is in a fierce battle with the locals.

Lindan’s second round opponent was Zhou Tiancheng, the men’s singles runner-up in the Asian Games in Taipei, China. 10-21 21-15 21-19 Lin Dan reversed the promotion. The game played for 1 hour and 11 minutes. The consumption is very large, the tournament advanced to the top 8, Lin Dan has not seen for a long time.

The third seed, Tao Tian Xiandou, also played very hard in the second round. He defeated Danish Lass 2-0 in 58 minutes. The score could not fully describe the tension and intensity of the game. 21 -16 21-18, Tao Tian Xiandou is difficult to advance with the help of local audiences.

After returning to the top event this season, Tao Tian Xiandou is almost a big killer. Azelsen, Li Zongwei, Xiaolong, Shi Yuqi have lost many of his masters, but Lin Dan does not. Hand in hand, of course, this has a lot to do with Lin Dan's state of the season, but did not beat Lin Dan, to say that has swept the badminton really has to draw a question mark. Lin Dan is 11 years older than Tao Tian Xiandou. The two had only played against each other in the 2015 British Championships. Lin Dan 21-18 21-19 won.

Lindan was very difficult to win in the first two rounds of the Japan Open. The first round was a one-hour, 19-minute victory over the Thai player Canta. Peng, the second round of the victory over Zhou Tiancheng. Previously, the Japanese media did not even mention Lin Dan when predicting the victory of Tao Tian Xiandou in this competition. However, as the men’s singles champion of the two Olympic Games, even though he was 35 years old, Lin Dan once again proved that he should never be despised. That, the next round stood in front of the net of Tao Tian Xiandou. The Japanese media optimistic about the finals to give Tao Tianxian fight to win the road to Sun Haohu, the second round lost to compatriot Li Donggen.

In October this year, Lin Dan will be 35 years old. His record this season is 16 wins and 9 losses, which is really incomparable compared with the peak period. For the fans, Lin Dan is watching one less game, but he still has to watch as long as he plays. Lin Jindan lost to Shi Yuqi in the third round, lost to the top 8 in the Indonesian Open, lost to Planoyi in the first round of the Indonesian Open, lost to Shi Yuqi in the second round of the Malaysia Open, and retired in the first round of the US Open. The first round lost to Prince Wei, the German Open quarter-final lost to Wu Jialang, the Indonesian Masters lost to Cantabong in the first round, and the Malaysian Masters lost to Mustafa in the first round.

Of course, Lin Dan has occasional highlights this season. Although the New Zealand Open is only a 300-point event, Lin Dan is still participating, eventually defeating Jonathan to win the championship. Jonathan is also the men’s singles champion of this year’s Asian Games. . All England Selindan reached the final, but lost to Shi Yuqi in three games.

After the Japanese Open, Lin Dan will also participate in the China Open and the Korean Open. The first round of the China Open is against Indonesian Jin Ting, while the first round of the Korean game is against Jorgensen.