Mid-Autumn Festival gift! Liao basket received the winning prize, but the total amount has shrunk a lot.

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Mid-Autumn Festival gift! Liao basket received the winning prize, but the total amount has shrunk a lot.

2018-09-20 20:25:07 121 ℃

The Liaoning team in preparation for the basketball tournament in Zadar, Croatia, has received the Mid-Autumn Festival gift. According to the "Shenyang Daily" report, the Liaoning team has now awarded the winning prize for the team winning the CBA championship last season. This is tantamount to a great incentive for players in the field.

The Liaoning men’s basketball team won the first league championship in 52 years, but recently it was reported that the winning prize has not been released. Therefore, the media has questioned the fans, but the fans also expressed chills, but it is reported that there is a reason for delaying the issuance. The CBA winning prizes are divided into four categories, namely official bonuses, club bonuses, government bonuses, and sponsorship bonuses. Among them, the largest share is the club bonus and the sponsor bonus. The delay in the issuance of the bonus may be due to the fact that the payment of government bonuses between Benxi and Shenyang is not consistent.

No matter what the reason, it is worthwhile to be able to cash in, but it is said that the total amount of the bonus is "shrinking". According to the analysis before the workshop, the total prize money of the Liao basket won this time. The director of the Sports Bureau Song Kai also promised at the celebration feast that "you can rest assured that it is not bad money!" It has been estimated that each of the main players can get 5 million yuan, the substitute team's bonus is more than 3 million, and the marginal players have more than 1 million bonuses. There are also bonuses for coaches, translators, fitness trainers and other personnel. Together, it will break through 60 million! Some even estimate that the total amount of bonuses may reach a record of nearly 100 million yuan. Hundreds of billions don't dare to think, it will be the record of CBA.

In the 2004 season, the Guangdong team won a prize of 1 million yuan from the championship club. Since then, the Guangdong consecutive defending champion's prize money has risen to 6 million yuan. In 2011, the Guangdong bonus reached 35 million bonuses. By 2013, the Guangdong team won the eighth place in the team history, the total prize money has reached an astonishing 40 million.

The club championship prize is basically stable at around 30 million. In the 2015-16 season, Sichuan won 4-1 in Liaoning and Sichuan won 30 million prizes. In 2016-2017, Xinjiang team won the championship. Sun Guangxin, the boss, issued 30 million yuan in cash and another 30 million-level "Lincoln Navigator" luxury car. .

From this point of view, in recent years, the CBA championship prize should be around 30 million yuan, this time the Liao basket's bonus is reported to be nearly 20 million yuan, and Not 2000~30 million yuan, not only less than the "expected" of 60 million, but also less than the "market price", less than 20 million, this money to the club seven deductions and deductions to the players do not know how much left? Unintentional comparison, do what you can, there is better than no, I hope the players are satisfied! The coach is satisfied!