Open the door! Women's World Cup China team wins Latvia Shao Ting 15 points

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Open the door! Women's World Cup China team wins Latvia Shao Ting 15 points

2018-09-22 20:25:02 101 ℃

Beijing time on September 22nd, the women's basketball World Cup competition officially started, the Chinese women's basketball team ushered in the first World Cup in the World Cup, the Chinese women's basketball team is strong, the United States team, China It is too difficult for the team to want the first promotion of the group, and the second goal of the team has become the goal of the Chinese women's basketball team.

After the start of the first quarter, the two sides did not score in nearly 4 minutes, Li Yuexi broke the basket On the deadlock, Dikaiola broke through for Latvia, Li Meng scored 2+1, Stan Boga broke through the layup, Sun Mengran hit the basket, Han Xu broke the ball Shao Ting quickly layup, Chinese women's basketball With a wave of small climax to open the score, Yang Liwei hit a three-pointer, the Chinese team 17-8 lead, Kresslina hit a shot, the first quarter ended, the Chinese team 17:10 lead Latvia.

After the start of the second quarter, Latvia strengthened the defense and the game was once reduced to 1 point. The Chinese team completed. A wave of 7:0 spurt, the game came to 24:16, Stroutman hit the first three points in the field, Latvia completed the steals Dikaiolacu 2 points hit, the difference came to 3 points, China The team requested a timeout, Sun Mengran hit a shot in the middle, Shao Ting grabbed the basket on the offensive court, Putinina hit a three-pointer, the Chinese team continued to attack, Li Mengqiang made two fouls, Vitola made two free throws No, Stan Boga scored three points, Li Yueqi scored offensively in the offensive, Vitola broke through. At the end of the half game, the Chinese team led by 1 point. In the second quarter, the Chinese team did not protect on the rebound. it is good.

After the start of the third quarter, Latvia scored 4 points to take the lead and the Chinese team played a little more. Passively, Li Yuexi made two free throws for the Chinese team to break the deadlock on the field. Dikaiolacu hit a layup, Li Yuexi was intercepted by the opponent and lost the foul. Then the Chinese team spent a wave of 9:0 spurt inside and outside, Latvia requested Suspended, Latvia scored 6 points, and the three quarters ended with a 44-level match.

After the start of the fourth quarter, Li Yuexi was whistled for the fourth foul, Shao Tingqiang succeeded inside, Latvia won 5 points will lead the score, the Chinese team made a foul of 4 free throws, Laxa hit two points, Shao Ting missed two free throws, Shao Ting hit a three, after shaking to the opponent, the basket against the two Hit, Han Xu made two free throws, the Chinese team tied the score, Puerwei Rui scored in the basket, Yang Liwei scored three points, Wang Siyu made two free throws, Latvia lost three offensive rebounds, Putinina two In the penalty, Han Xu basket hit a hook, Sun Mengran missed two free throws, Dikai Oulacu hit a shot, Sun Mengran defensive player layup, Shao Ting hit the board, the Chinese team led 4 points, the last moment Dikai Oulacu missed a layup, Dikai Oulacu made two free throws, only one point difference, Latvia once again grabbed rebounds, Dikaiolacu layup, Sun Mengran layup, Laxa No basket, Latvia foul, Yang Liwei made two free throws, only 2 seconds left in the game, the Chinese team led by 3 points, Wang Si Complete steals, 3 win over the Chinese women's basketball.

Although winning the game, the Chinese women's basketball team can be said to have suffered in the offensive rebounds and free throws.