Manchester United 1-1 Wolves, the lead was equalized, missed 3 consecutive victories

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Manchester United 1-1 Wolves, the lead was equalized, missed 3 consecutive victories

2018-09-23 10:25:00 84 ℃

Beijing time at 22:00 on September 22, the sixth round of the Premier League, Manchester United played at home against the Wolves.

In the first half, Bogba assisted Fred to break the door; easy side battle, Moutinho equalized the score.

The whole game, Manchester United 1-1 Wolves.

[Game Highlights]

●Strong! The Wolves have been unbeaten as a newly promoted team in four rounds, which has tied the Manchester City doubles.

●The first goal! Fred and Moutinho's goals are their respective Premier League goals.

●Apprentices meet! Wolves coach Nuno Santo was once a member of Mourinho when he coached Porto.

● Cheng also Xiao Xiao defeated Xiao He! Bogba first sent assists to his teammates but the midfielder lost the ball and caused the team to lose the ball

[Fantastic playback]

6th minute Jimenez turned and hit the door and Dehea blocked his leg.

Mourinho and former Porto disciple Nuno Santo are in the same box.

In the 16th minute, Boli headed the ball and was blocked by Degea.

In the 18th minute, Bogba’s frontier in the penalty area was a real shot, and Fred scored the ball in the lower corner! Manchester United 1-0 Wolves.

Old Sir Alex Ferguson also appeared at Old Trafford.

In the injury time, Fred directly hit the ball and was saved by Patricio.

In the 53rd minute, Costa passed through Lukeshaw and passed, Jimenez returned, Mutiny The top corner of the Austrian goal is succeeded! Manchester United 1-1 Wolves.

In the 62nd minute, Bogba missed a long shot.

In the 66th minute, Horta was shot by Degea.

In the 72nd minute, Lukeshaw passed, and Fellaini's header was blocked by Patricio.

In the 88th minute, Pereira took the corner and almost caused an oolong.

[Outline Lineup]

Manchester United: 1-Dehe 23; Luke Shaw, 12-Smolin, 2-Lindlov, 25-Valencia; 27-Fellaini, 17-Fred (63'11-Machar), 6 - Bogba; 14-Lingard (75' 15-Pereira), 9-Lucaku, 7-Sanchez (63' 8-Mata)

Wolf: 11-Pa Trisio; 5- Bennett, 16-Cody, 15-W·Boli; 2-M·Dorty, 8-Ruuben-Nevis, 28-Moutinho (80' 27- Seth), 19-Ronnie; 10-Elder-Costa (75' 37-Traure), 18-Horta (86' 17-White), 9-Raul-Jimennes