Official: Berlusconi acquires Monza Club, Galliani as CEO

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Official: Berlusconi acquires Monza Club, Galliani as CEO

2018-09-28 20:25:27 125 ℃

Tiger on September 28th, the Italian club, Monza, officially announced that the Fininvest Group has successfully acquired 100% of the club’s shares, and former AC Milan boss Berlusconi joined forces. Liani officially returned to football.

Monza Club posted an announcement on the official website: "Fininvest Group completed 100% acquisition of Monza Club today. The shareholders' meeting also approved the establishment of a new board of directors, Nikola Cologne as chairman, board member Also included are Paul Berlusconi, Galliani, Robert Marzo and Danilo Pellegrino.”

“The board also appointed Galliani as the CEO of the club.” /p>

After selling the AC Milan club to Chinese businessman Li Yonghong, Berlusconi withdrew from football, but now he and Galliani are back. Earlier, the two of them said that they would let the Monza club rise to Serie A within two years.

Tomorrow (September 29th) will be Berlusconi’s 82-year-old birthday.