CCTV enters the Expo program to praise: Wu Lei and the Brazilian guy win glory for Shanghai

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CCTV enters the Expo program to praise: Wu Lei and the Brazilian guy win glory for Shanghai

2018-11-06 20:25:34 130 ℃

Live on November 6th The first China International Import Expo was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th. When the CCTV1 news program reported on the opening ceremony, it praised Shanghai Shanggang for its honor for the city.

The CCTV guest commented: "In fact, there have been recent Shanghai events, one is to enter the Expo, one is just a few major foreign projects landing in Shanghai, and Shanghai fans are looking forward to November 7 The arrival of Shanghai, because Shanghai has an excellent professional football team Shanghai Hong Kong team, the Shanghai team just played a good game a few days ago, now one point will be able to win the championship in this year's professional league, Shanghai This megacity has not won the top league championship for a long time, so everyone is looking forward to this matter."

The program also praised the local players and the local players led by Wu Lei in the team to unite for Shanghai football Honor. "There are three Brazilian players in the Shanghai team. Isn't Brazil the guest country of the Expo? Several Brazilian guys are already in the city. They took the city's team and attacked the city. This team has scored the most in this year is a Shanghai young man - Wu Lei. Wu Lei and many teammates have spent many years in Chongming Island in Shanghai, spent their youthful years. The young man who crossed the ocean and Shanghai The young men fought side by side, chasing the glory of professional football for this super city. This is also the feeling of getting everyone together, and everyone is constantly developing it.”