Relegation analysis: the last round of 4 teams for the relegation fight

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Relegation analysis: the last round of 4 teams for the relegation fight

2018-11-08 00:25:30 109 ℃

After the 29th round of the Super League, the Super League champion was born, and Shanghai Shanghai hosted a championship in advance. The relegation situation is still confusing, can be described by abnormal chaos, in the case of only one round left in the league, there are still 5 teams with the possibility of downgrading, which is rare in the past.

The last round of the Super League, the Dalian side of the same score of 32 points and Changchun Yatai will directly confront each other, the two teams must have a team of points will not exceed 33 points, so after the end of this round, Guangzhou Fu Liji 35 points, Henan Jianye accumulated 34 points to relegation success. Tianjin Quanjian accumulated 33 points, and by virtue of the dominant position in the winning and losing relationship, the relegation was completed in advance one round. Dalian, Changchun Yatai, Tianjin Teda, and Chongqing Siwei have 32 points, and these 4 teams are still likely to be downgraded. The last relegation quota will be generated in the final round.

The next round, the Dalian side played against Changchun Yatai at home, and Chongqing Siwei played against Guangzhou Hengfeng and Tianjin TEDA away to challenge Guangzhou Evergrande.

According to the rules of the Chinese Super League, when the scores of the two teams and the three teams are equal, the rankings are arranged in the following order: a , the number of mutual competition points, rankings in front; b, each other's goal difference, the ranking is in front; c, the number of goals in each other's matches, rankings in front; d, points equal to the team's club preparation The team has more points in the reserve league of the season, ranking first; e, the equal team, the U19 elite echelon of the club to which the team belongs, the points in the corresponding group of the Qingchao League, the ranking is in front; f, the points are equal The team scored more goals in all the games of the Super League in the same year, ranking first; g, points equal teams in the Super League all competitions in the year, the number of goals in the first place; h, the year of the game red and yellow cards (excluding disciplinary punishment), ranking in front; i, determining the ranking by lottery.

In the four teams with the same score of 32 points, in the record of mutual play, TEDA faced Yatai with 1 win and 1 draw, and faced Chongqing with 1 draw and 1 loss at a disadvantage. One party is a successful double-killer, which also makes TEDA's relegation situation the most promising. Yatai is inferior to TEDA with 1 draw and 1 loss, facing Chongqing with 1 win and 1 loss, and facing one side with 1 win. Chongqing faced Yatai with 1 win and 1 loss, and faced TEDA with 1 win and 1 draw. In the face of one, it was a draw in both games.

There is a heavy record in each other. The Dalian side is not dominant for the other three teams. If the next round can't beat Changchun Yatai, there will be a situation where multiple teams need to compare each other's record, then Dalian The probability is to be downgraded.

For TEDA, the last round of the guest scene against Evergrande, as long as you get 1 point, you can ensure relegation success.

As for Chongqing Lifan, the last round of the game is the southwestern brother Guizhou Hengfeng, which has been relegated. The three points of this away game are stable, so Chongqing Siwei has basically gone ashore.

As for Changchun Yatai, the last round they need to die in the Dalian side, the away draw opponents will be able to ensure the completion of the relegation.