Hot Suss wearing hat, Manchester City 6-0 miners take six consecutive victories

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Hot Suss wearing hat, Manchester City 6-0 miners take six consecutive victories

2018-11-08 10:25:28 67 ℃

Live on November 8th, Beijing time on November 8th at 4am, 2018-19 season Champions League Group F round 4 at the Etihad Stadium In the competition, Manchester City played at home against the Shakhtar Donetsk. In the first half, Silva opened the scoring, and Jesús shot to expand the score. In the second half, Sterling and Mahrez broke and Jesús scored two goals. In the end, Manchester City beat the miners 6-0 at home, and the Blue Moon took six consecutive victories in various events. In the F group standings, Manchester City continued to lead with 9 points, and the miners accumulated 2 points.

Manchester City is in a hot state recently, with five consecutive victories in each event and a 6-1 victory in the last round. Southampton. This time facing the mediocre miners, the goal of the Blue Moon is to take all three points to consolidate the position of the group leader. And because the mid-week league will usher in the Manchester City Derby, Guardiola will rotate the lineup. In the first round of the match, Manchester City won the 3-0 victory over the miners.

The first half of the whistle began. In the third minute, Mahrez’s 45-degree diagonal pass was cleared by the defensive player. After 1 minute, Silva went straight, but Sterling was offside. In the 9th minute, Mahrez's corner kick was also destroyed. After 1 minute, Mores' low shot in the restricted area was resolved by Edson. In the 10th minute, Zinchenko passed down, and the head of Jesús was not threatened.

In the 12th minute, Mahrez swung the ball to the front, David Sil Was easy to shoot, Manchester City 1-0 Shakhtar Donet! ↓

In the 16th minute, the long shot from the B-side cut was confiscated by Pyatov. In the 23rd minute, Sterling fell to the ground in the restricted area, the referee sentenced a penalty, and the replay footage showed that the penalty was open to question. ↓

Houssos took the penalty, Manchester City 2-0 Shakhtar Donet!

In the 26th minute, Kovalenko’s shot in the penalty area was high. In the 30th minute, Jesús single-handedly dealt with a little hesitation, and the final push was blocked by the defending player.

In the 34th minute, Mahrez broke through the right and was confiscated by Pyatov. Two minutes later, Rakitiki took the free kick and was also released. In the 39th minute, Kovalenko tried to shoot high. In the 41st minute, the B-seat was transferred obliquely, and Silva passed to the front and was confiscated by Pyatov. After 2 minutes, Jesús returned, and the long shot of B was slightly off.

At the end of the first half of the game, Manchester City temporarily led the Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0.

The second half of the game was easy, and Manchester City took the lead in launching the offensive. In the 48th minute, Sterling forced a breakthrough with his personal ability. He shot into the net in the penalty area, Manchester City 3-0 Shakhtar Donetsk! ↓

In the 54th minute, Silva fell to the ground in the restricted area, the referee did not say. After 1 minute, the B seat took a small angle and shot the sliding door. In the 59th minute, Silva volleyed from the left and Jesús headed the ball high. In the 66th minute, Tyson tried to shoot from the perimeter. In the 70th minute, David = Silva was defeated by Stepanek in the penalty area and the referee awarded a penalty.

Hersus is steadfastly hit, Manchester City 4-0 Donets Gram miners!

The 75th minute, Manchester City counterattack opportunity, Mahrez shot from the right side of the penalty area Partial. In the 77th minute, Rakitiki took the free kick and was saved by Edson. ↓

In the 84th minute, Jing Duoan’s long pass was transferred to the right, and Mahrez adjusted and volleyed. Manchester City 5-0 Shakhtar Donetsk! ↓

In the 87th minute, Mahrez made a cross from the left and Nem grabbed the ball in front of Sterling. damage. In the 91st minute, Mahrez made a direct pass in the midfield steal, and Jesús dexterously shot into the net, Manchester City 6-0 Shakhtar Donetsk! ↓

The game ended and Manchester City beat the Shakhtar Donetsk 6-0 at home.

The lineup of the two sides

Man City appearance lineup: 31-Edson, 2-Walker (60 minutes, 3-Danilo), 14-Laporte, 5- Stones, 35-Tinchenko, 25-Fernandinho (75 minutes, 18-Delf), 20-Bernardo-Silva, 21-David Silva (72 minutes, 8-King Duoan), 26-Maheres, 7-Sterling, 33-Jesus

The substitute did not appear: 49-Muric, 10-Aguero, 30-Olympic Tamendi, 19-Sane

Shakhtar Donetsk's lineup: 30-Piatov, 31-Ismaili, 4-Clivestorf, 44-Laki Tiki, 6-Spartanek, 27-Mecon (76 minutes, 21-patrick), 50-Borbat, 7-Tyson (76 minutes, 23-Nem), 74-Corvalenko , 10-Mores (62 minutes, 8-Cayod)

The bench did not appear: 1- Shevchenko, 5-kocholava, 9-Dentinho, 2- Batco