Wei Shao missed Schroeder 28 points, and the Thunderbolt Cavaliers won 6 consecutive victories.

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Wei Shao missed Schroeder 28 points, and the Thunderbolt Cavaliers won 6 consecutive victories.

2018-11-08 20:25:25 46 ℃

The Cavaliers played against the Thunder at home, Colin Sexton and JR Smith entered the starting lineup, and the Thunder missed the injury. The Thunder finally defeated the Cavaliers 95-86 to win a 6-game winning streak. The Cavaliers record became 1 win and 10 losses.

There were frequent irons on both sides of the opening, Schroeder made a quick break, and Adams took the lead to lead the Thunder. Sexton's fast break, three points, and Schroeder struggled. In the final countdown stage, the day odd caused Noel foul, Donovan also got technical fouls, the Cavaliers made three free throws, the first quarter chased 20-23! In the second quarter, Diallo arranged for the Thunder 8 points, the Cavaliers Xiaonansi continued to attack the basket, Hood hit a three-pointer. JR hit a throw, the Cavaliers once overtake. But in the last two and a half minutes, the Cavaliers did not score a point. George and Adams played a 9-0 finish, leading 48-40 in the first half.

The third quarter of Grant's three points, Schroeder scored 2+1, the Thunder 8-0 start lead to 16 points. Hood, TT, JR and others retaliated with a wave of 20-9 to narrow the points difference. Schroeder cast, Patterson hit a three-pointer, three seasons after the Thunder 71-64 lead. In the fourth quarter, Abriens made a three-pointer and Felton jumped. The Thunder led by 12 points. However, JR and Korver hit 4 three-pointers, and the Cavaliers beat the 16-2 climax in more than 3 minutes. Schroeder scored 4 points, Abriens hit a three-pointer, Grant made up the basket, free throws, and the Thunder hit a 12-2 closing lock victory.

Schroeder 28 points and 7 boards, George 18 points and 7 boards, Adams 9 points and 13 boards, Grant 12 points and 8 boards.

JR Smith 13 points, Thompson 10 points and 15 boards, Sexton 15 points, Hood 11 points, 5 boards and 4 assists, Clarkson 11 points, 9 boards and 8 assists, day and night 10 points and 9 boards