The Super League of Life and Death 4 shot tells you: How much is Chongqing fighting for this victory?

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The Super League of Life and Death 4 shot tells you: How much is Chongqing fighting for this victory?

2018-11-08 20:25:29 56 ℃

The 29th round of the Chinese Super League came to an end. The biggest "unpopular" in this round of competition was undoubtedly the number of Guangzhou Evergrande lost 0-2 to Chongqing Siwei. The Super League defending champion was sent a two-game losing streak by Chongqing Siwei. Net swallowing 2 goals did not break the door. It was rare for Evergrande. Chongqing Siwei completed the zero-win win that was not realized in Shanghai. And watching the four shots of the game, you can find that Chongqing Siwei’s fighting spirit last night was really not surprising!

This is the 35th minute of the game, Chongqing Siwei has a 1 ball lead at home, and At this time, Chongqing Siwei locals took Peng Xinli to break the ball and the result was taken down by Li Xuepeng. However, the referee from the Czech Republic decided that Peng Xinli had flopped, which also made Chongqing Siwei’s coaching seats all stand up, excited coaches and staff. All of them collectively expressed dissatisfaction to the referee, and for one ball, Chongqing Siwei showed unity.

In the 63rd minute of the second half, Chongqing’s local player Liu Le was fighting with each other. Heroic wounded, his nose was reddened, and then his eyes were once more difficult to open. Only by teammates to help forward, however, Liu Le did not ask for the end, he insisted on playing the full game, made his own contribution to the team's defense. Liu Le’s performance is a microcosm of the team’s hard work.

How intense is Chongqing Siwei and Guangzhou Evergrande in this game? In the 72nd minute of the game, a close-up of Ding Jie can be seen, as Ding Jie, the captain of the team, is hydrating on the sidelines. In such a short interval, Chongqing Siwei coach Cruyff will tactically attack him. Deployment, and Ding Jie's back jersey has been torn open a big mouth, but Ding Jie did not care, the player has forgotten everything else for this victory.

The constant effort has finally paid off, in the 85th minute of the game, the "big motorcycle" free kick Once again, we broke through the gates of Evergrande and completely controlled the victory. At this time, Chongqing Siwei’s main force and the backup were in a group, and even some players were excited to cry. This scene is quite moving. I have to say that Chongqing Sway really did its best this night, the team's efforts won a valuable victory, and the four shots are also a portrayal of Chongqing's "Desperate"! (Lao Qiu Zhongchao Ball Review)