Although Bayi is defeated! At the end of the game, it was only 3 points away. Du Feng was anxious.

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Although Bayi is defeated! At the end of the game, it was only 3 points away. Du Feng was anxious.

2018-11-12 00:25:20 104 ℃

Beijing time on November 11, the 10th round of the CBA regular season ushered in the focus of the battle, the Guangdong men's basketball team to challenge the Bayi men's basketball team, the two sides battled four quarters, the stronger Guangdong team 104-96 beat Bayi Hao Take 10 consecutive victories. The Bayi team lost to the Guangdong men's basketball team for 11 consecutive seasons, but this campaign still shows a lot of positive pictures. Especially in the fourth quarter, the Bayi team scored a 10-0 spurt, once narrowed the difference to 3 points, and Du Feng's guidance on the sidelines was anxious.

As two traditional CBA strong players, the Bayi team was once the most difficult mountain in Guangdong, and the military and Guangdong hegemony A set of matchups that used to be the best part of the CBA. But as time goes by, such experience has already become history. Since the 2007-08 season, Bayi has never defeated the Guangdong men's basketball team. Tonight's game is not too suspenseful.

The first half of the game, the Bayi team played at home. Especially in the first quarter, under the leadership of veteran Han Shuo, the Bayi team once played a 7-0 scoring spurt. Although the rotation of the players was more mistakes, it gave the Guangdong a chance to chase points. Fortunately, the Bayi rebounding advantage was obvious (13 -8), the last moment by relying on foul tactics to lead the first quarter with 25-24 lead.

The game entered the second half, and the Bayi team was hit by too many counterattacks, giving the opponent too many rotations. In the third quarter, Guangdong scored a 31-23 scoring climax, and foreign aid Weems scored 2+1 three times! At the end of the third quarter, Guangdong led the team with 12 points.

This kind of difference, many people think that the fourth quarter will become garbage time, but the Bayi team does not Give up, they used the defensive to play a 10-0 scoring climax, once narrowed the difference to only 3 points, and Du Feng, who was on the sidelines to command the game, was in a hurry. At the crucial moment, Luo Kaiwen missed three points. Weems teamed up with Zhou Peng to help score the victory in Guangdong. In the end, Guangdong won the 10-game winning streak in the 104-96 victory over Bayi.

For the loss For the Bayi team, they are able to fight with the 9-game winning streak to the end of the fourth quarter, which is no small progress. In the game, they only used their tough defense to make their opponents hit 4 three-pointers. There were as many as 15 turnovers and only 104 points. It should be said that the Bayi team coached by Daxie is gradually recovering, and the progress of the players is also very obvious. Fu Hao, who scored 26 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists in the game, Luo Kaiwen, who scored 9 points in the fourth quarter, and Xu Zhonghao, who played 10 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 caps, played well in this game. I believe that Bayi will be better and better under the leadership of Daxie, regaining the glory of the former Bayi team!