Silva Aguero breaks the door of Jing Duoan and makes meritorious deeds Manchester City 3-1 Manchester United

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Silva Aguero breaks the door of Jing Duoan and makes meritorious deeds Manchester City 3-1 Manchester United

2018-11-12 10:25:29 265 ℃

Tigers on November 12th, Beijing time on November 12th at 00:30, 2018-2019 season Premier League 12th round staged a focus battle, Manchester City Sitting at the Etihad Stadium against Manchester United. In the first half, David Silva volleyed the first record; in the second half, Aguero broke the score to expand the score, Lukaku made points, Marshall shot back a goal, Jing Duoan replaced the meritorious deeds. In the end, Manchester City beat Manchester United at home 3-1 to continue to lead the Premier League.

Before the game, the old Sir Alex watched the scene.

In the second minute of the opening, Bernardo Silva missed a long shot from the top of the arc.

Borgba took a break and missed the Manchester City Derby.

In the 4th minute, Aguero scored a cross in the frontcourt, Fernandinho straight, big Wei-Silva broke into the restricted area and left the cross. Aguero missed the ball and missed the opportunity to break.

In the 6th minute, David Silva made a left foot pass in the middle of the field and Sterling inserted into the penalty area. The side angle is applied at a small angle, and the ball is blocked by the defender.

In the 12th minute, Manchester City took the lead in breaking the deadlock, and Sterling made a right-footed cross from the front, Bernardo. - Silva's back post swept the right foot in front of the goal, David Silva left the left foot in the penalty area and the right foot volleyed into the net, Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United.

19 minutes, Terry passed the ball straight, Herrera shovel, and Sterling jumped into Herrera during the jump.

In the 26th minute, Lingard made a right-footed pass from the right side of the field and Smolin headed the ball in the penalty area. The door, the ball is higher than the beam.

In the 33rd minute, Rushford’s right-footed ball was scooped by Bernardo Silva The referee showed a yellow card to Bernardo Silva.

The 39th minute, Herrera's midfielder passed straight, and Rushford made a cross pass on the left side. Marshall broke into the penalty area and volleyed his right foot. The ball was blocked by Fernandinho and Dehya confiscated the ball.

In the 42nd minute, Mahrez’s right-wing breakthrough was left by Luke Shawla, the referee Luke Shaw presents a yellow card.

In the 44th minute, Herrera's backcourt was broken and Bernardo Silva scored. The penalty area was straight, Aguero volleyed at a small angle and the ball hit the side net.

In the first half, Manchester City led Manchester United 1-0 at home.

The 48th minute of the easy side battle, Aguero got a direct pass from the frontcourt and Sterling hit the wall, and Sterling blocked the right foot in the middle of the restricted area. Aguero was right in the penalty area. The right foot burst at a small angle, the ball penetrated Dehya ten fingers off, Manchester City 2-0 Manchester United.

In the 55th minute, Fernandinho's frontcourt was in the middle of the road. Sterling's left side was inserted into the restricted area and swayed and turned to delay the fighter. He missed the opportunity to break the door.

In the 57th minute, Martial was on the left side of the frontcourt and Lukaku was attacked by Edson in the penalty area. Falling to the ground, the referee awarded Manchester United a penalty, Marshall fought a right foot and pulled back a goal, Manchester City 2-1 Manchester United.

In the 67th minute, Fernandinho had a long-range right-footed shot from the top of the arc and the ball was confiscated by Degea.

In the 70th minute, Fernandinho's big right-footed arc outside the right foot arc ball shot, the ball Confiscated by De Gea.

In the 74th minute, Manchester City quickly counterattacked, and Sterling made a right-footed cross from the right side of the field. In the frontcourt, the ball is volleyed to the left and the ball is higher than the crossbar.

In the 76th minute, Sanne sent a straight ball in front of the field and the ball was touched by Matić. Lin got the ball and sent it straight. Ashley-Yang was smashed in the penalty area and the ball was cleared by Dehea.

In the 79th minute, Bernardo Silva hit the right side of the penalty area and Sterling got the penalty area. The ball, Manchester United's multi-player defense in the restricted area, Sterling knocked back, and Sanet's breakthrough was destroyed.

In the 86th minute, Jing Duoan’s frontcourt took the ball straight, and Sterling got the ball back in the penalty area. Knocking, Bernardo Silva hoisted into the penalty area, and the left foot in front of Jing Duoan stopped the ball and broke the goal. Manchester City 3-1 Manchester United.

In the end, Manchester City home 3 -1 defeated Manchester United.

Outline lineup:

Manchester City (433): 31-Edson; 22-Mendi, 14-Laporte, 5-Stone , 2-Walker; 21-David Silva (92', 47-Fairforden), 25-Fernandinho, 20-Bernado-Silva; 7-Sterling , 10 - Aguero (74', 8 - Jing Duoan), 26 - Mahrez (62', 19-Sane);

Manchester United (433): 1- Degea; 23-Luke-Shaw, 2-Lindlev, 12-Smolin, 18-Ashley-Yan; 27-Fellaini, 31-Matic, 21-Ereira (73',8 - Mata); 11-Machar, 10-Rushford (73', 7-Sanchez), 14-Lingard (56', 9-Lucaku);