In the future, the Super League title will be as confusing as the relegation.

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In the future, the Super League title will be as confusing as the relegation.

2018-11-12 20:25:27 117 ℃

This season's Super League has come to an end, and the last two focus games are Luneng and Guoan's FA Cup final at the end of the month. Luneng is very difficult. The two national training teams recruited eight players including Wu Xinghan and Liu Junshuai, including the goalkeeper Han Yuze. If Wang Dalei did not return to the game after the operation, Luneng had to face the embarrassment of no goalkeeper. Deli has gone on vacation in Europe, and the crisis of no one is overwhelming. I hope that the Football Association can help Luneng, give a few days of buffer time, and can suspend the registration time of some Luneng players.

A year passed quickly, and Hong Kong used 7 years to break the rule of Evergrande, and Changchun Thailand temporarily left the 13-year-old Super League. This was unexpectedly predicted two weeks ago when the team was downgraded. The last round of Chongqing Siwei 0-1 away to Hengfeng, Tianjin Teda 1-5 was reversed by Evergrande, and the Dalian side defeated Yatai 2-0. With the 32 teams of Siwei, TEDA and Yatai with the same score, TEDA has inexplicably relegated, and Yatai has unfortunately relegated because of the disadvantages.

When the season started, who would have thought that Changchun Yatai would be downgraded? They own Tan Long, He Chao, Zhou Dadi, Zhang Xiaofei, and Ihalo. They are still in the top ten of the Super League in September. They can win Hong Kong and Evergrande. The final 8 rounds are victorious, and the relegation opportunity will be handed over. Yatai's player strength is not so much. Although there are injuries of the main players in the late stage of the league, the team has not arranged tactics for the situation. The physical attack and the huge defensive loopholes give the opponent an opportunity. It is also because of the analysis error of the relegation situation. In the final stage, the away draw against TEDA and the home game against Sway is a foreshadowing.

Before the final round, everyone was thinking about how to let Yatai relegation. The Changchun media called on Evergrande not to let go of water. It’s really useless in the right place, and assume that you can Winning, instead of focusing all of his team on his team. The three foreign aids of the Dalian side, Carrasco is a super foreign aid. In the second half of the league, they did not try to show their full strength. Yatai really overestimated themselves, not to mention the relegation situation this year is much easier than 2016.

Yatai and Hengfeng were downgraded, Wuhan Zall and Shenzhen Jiazhao Industry Chongchao. Wuhan Zall has been determined to make a decision from the very beginning. In the end, 63 points are higher than the second place with 10 points, and the latter teams have a little "modesty" spirit. Kaisa has won in 15-17 rounds, and then the Yellow Sea has also ushered in a wave of invincibility. Greentown followed it with 1 draw and 2 losses. In fact, it seems that Zhongjia is not difficult to play, and the state of the team fluctuates greatly, just like the Yellow Sea. The team can complete the top four goals every year, but there is no substantial progress. As long as the Super League downgrade team wants to return, it is very sure to follow the current player level.

There will be only one single seedling in Dalian in the Northeast of the Super League next year. The 7 teams from the north to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen team will summon a new era. It can also be seen that the geographical gap of Jinyuan football cannot keep up with the development of funds and management. A group of good players are far away from their hometown to pursue their dreams. It is difficult to do without money. It is difficult to make money without respecting the rules of football development.

Hengda ended the season with a gap of 5 points, and they performed well in the second half. Under the blessing of Lisca and Paulinho, the local players played a stable role. In fact, the team’s most lost time should be in May this year, the FA Cup and the AFC Champions League both went out and the league lost to the underdogs. After winning the championships, Evergrande will inevitably encounter a low tide. Players will lower their expectations and enthusiasm for the champion. It is a good thing to encounter bumps in advance, but the most dangerous thing they encounter is the force majeure of the players.

To the end of next year, Zheng Zhi is 39 years old, Feng Wei is 34 years old, Yulin is 33 years old, and Zeng Cheng is 32 years old. In addition to the old players who have made great contributions to Evergrande, the new generation of players can’t really find it. The people who can top the girders, now the players in Luneng, Guoan, and Hong Kong, if Evergrande’s own youth training can’t train talents, it’s hard to dig up local elite players, or find a stronger foreign aid to rebuild the team. It seems to be different from the idea of ​​the club.

The pain point of Evergrande is also the key point for the rise of Shanghai. The reason why Shanghai won the Super League championship is because a group of players from Chongming Island have begun to take responsibility after a few years of super baptism. With technical advancement, Wu Lei can take off the "native" hat as the shooter king, and even in the next few years, local players in Shanghai can still play a huge role.

It’s not sure what kind of policy will happen in the Super League next season, about the national team, signing, and restrictions. In terms of salary, investment, etc., our brains have no way to keep up with the policy. At least, regardless of the foreign aid regulations, the Chinese Super League still has to fight for foreign aid. Whether or not there is a training team, the training of local young players is still a top priority. The Chinese Super League may have multiple teams in the final stage, such as strengthening the defense strength of Beijing Guoan. Luneng, who gives young players the opportunity, the defending champion to go to Hong Kong, and Evergrande who has not won enough, who can be self-sufficient, whoever has the potential to break through, who can use the newcomer in the "blade", whoever may have Good results.