Coincidentally, another milestone in Shandong will be produced, and the 38-year-old legend will follow Yi Jianlian.

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Coincidentally, another milestone in Shandong will be produced, and the 38-year-old legend will follow Yi Jianlian.

2018-11-12 20:25:29 187 ℃

On October 30, the regular season Shandong 96 to 120 lost to Guangdong, Yi Jianlian scored 19 points, completing his own CBA milestone. After the game, Shandong also sent a commemorative gift to Yi Jianlian at home. Today, another Mr. Wan Li will be produced at the home of Shandong, this time is the veteran Liu Wei. In the 10th round against Beijing, Liu Wei contributed 10 points, the individual CBA score reached 9998 points, and the level of 10,000 points was only 2 points.

The 38-year-old Liu Wei is the old captain of Shanghai. He worked in Shanghai for 17 years and took it with Yao Ming. To the CBA championship. In 2014, Liu Wei left Shanghai to join Xinjiang for two seasons, after which he played for Sichuan for two seasons. In the 2018 season, Liu Wei returned to Shanghai and remained the main force of the team. Liu Wei's scoring average is only 6.6 points this season, but he has the opportunity to complete the milestone. Not surprisingly, Liu Wei’s 2 points in this game is not a big problem. He will also become the third Mr. CBA in the CBA. The previous two were Zhu Fangyu and Yi Jianlian.

This became a coincidence, and Yi Jianlian and Liu Wei’s 10,000 milestones were all completed in Shandong. However, Liu Wei said in an interview that he is more looking forward to the victory of the game than the milestone. Of course, Shandong's goal is also to defend the home, and strive to get a three-game winning streak. Shandong and Shanghai are only one win, and they are direct competitors in the playoffs. Shandong and Shanghai are not in a group. There are only two confrontations this season. In the home game, Shandong must strive to win.

If Liu Wei completes a 10,000-point milestone, the 38-year-old veteran is affirmative, perhaps the only one before his retirement. aims. This season, the Shanghai team should not have much problem in the playoffs. The double foreign aid Fredette and Scola played stable and averaged nearly 60 points per game. This is a stable play and the key to the Shanghai team's good performance. .

For Liu Wei, the milestone moment is a rare memory. Will Shandong still prepare gifts at home this time?