Who is the poor starter of the Rockets? It’s better to cut Anthony than to change him to Anthony. He is the culprit.

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Who is the poor starter of the Rockets? It’s better to cut Anthony than to change him to Anthony. He is the culprit.

2018-11-12 20:25:31 97 ℃

Although Morey denied the news that the Rockets broke up with Anthony, the two most authoritative journalists in the NBA are not in the air. Adrian Wojnarowski and Tim McMahon jointly reported that although Rockets general manager Darrell Morey claimed that the suspicion against Carmelo Anthony was "unfair", many Alliance sources revealed that the Rockets are strongly considering splitting up with Anthony.

In the Rockets' victory over the Pacers, the fact is that Anthony did not play. The reason given by the Rockets is that he can't beat him. Morey has previously argued that Anthony will still be in rotation after the health. Earlier, the New York Times's name Mark Stein said that Fire Anthony had been told that his rocket career would soon end.

On Anthony's question, Rockets coach D'Antoni said: "The team is looking for all options on this matter. When the lineup is neat, there will be final results. I am also concerned about the development of things. ”

The rocket will definitely need someone to back the pot in the unfavorable situation. It seems that Anthony will become this candidate, that is really Anthony's question? I don't think so. After Anthony came to the Rockets, he made no substitutes for the bench. He is also trying to make changes. Although the data has further declined, the Rockets are not the reason why Anthony is alone.

There is no way for the Rockets to get Butler. The way they solve this problem is to make adjustments. It seems that these names are not rumors. D'Antoni has also confirmed that he is also looking for an option to solve the problem. This also includes cutting out Anthony. I think that even if Anthony can't solve the difficulties of the Rockets, they shouldn't be Anthony, but D'Antoni.

Fortunately, the Rockets and Pacers played last season, they made 20 of 47 three-pointers. The hit rate is 42.6%. It is related to poor performance and poor defense. But the most important thing is that their smooth attack has not been played. As the head coach D'Antoni should be responsible. He is not a coach who is good at defense. If the team's offense cannot be played, he should be the biggest responsible person.

Anthony will not participate in the Nuggets game because of injury. It seems that Anthony is getting more and more dangerous, but D'Antoni's problem has not been mentioned. I think the Rockets are not as good as Anthony. The movement of D'Antoni is better.