James 51+8 has no solution, three new stars 47+12, and the Lakers take the heat

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James 51+8 has no solution, three new stars 47+12, and the Lakers take the heat

2018-11-19 10:25:26 90 ℃


Beijing time on November 19th, in the just-concluded NBA regular season, the Lakers beat the Heat 113-97 away and took a step forward in the eight seats. What needs to be pointed out is that James had no chance to play the heat and once launched a counterattack. The key time of the hope star was a sudden blowout. It was his series of three-point rains that smashed the heat and countered the turning effect.

James 51+8+3

Although back to back, Yesterday, when I lost the magic, I lost my suspense early. So James and other main players did not debut, and they reserved their physical fitness for this game. So James entered the blowout in the first quarter. After the first goal helped Kuzma to hit the hook, James steals and counters the heavy buckle, backs up the middle distance, and draws three points. After Whiteside responds to Ingram's breakthrough, James crushes Richardson and Kuzma. After chasing three points and then, the Heat is still tenacious to chase the score to 15-18.

The last 3 minutes and 50 seconds, James missed Olympus in the middle of the three-pointer and then finished the long three-pointer, strong Olynik layup, personal 8- 0 attack wave will be fixed at 26-15; Richardson broke the penalty free throw, James applied to CIC twice to find Pop, the latter a three-pointer, one-time three-point foul, stop the Heat The counterattack will freeze the difference between 34-21.

James re-deducted

The next quarter, the Heat attacked warmly. Taylor Johnson and Ellington led the shooters to a 6-point, 3-point, 3-pointer. They once approached the score to 49-56 and were only 7 points behind. At the crucial moment, James took over the game again. After Chandler made up the basket, he made Foul 2 free throws, pick up Hart counterattack fast pass, Kuzma steals and then re-deduct, Ingram grabs the basket after he hits the basket, a wave of 11-3 offensive and defensive flow will expand the difference To 15 points, um, James scored 7 points at the crucial moment.

The second half of the easy side battle, Kuzma finally warmed up to give 8 points to help, the toughness of the Heat is still biting the score, James continued the first half of the hot touch, dry Three points, strong killing the basket, the free throw line is finally back to the state; from the three quarters, there are 3 minutes to personally back, strong 45 points on the right side, three points, 14 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists will be divided The difference stays at 16 points.

Ingram and Pop and Kuzma Power

After the last quarter of Ingram to lead the bench for four minutes, James returned to a stable middle distance, Ellington two points and three points and then reversed the score to narrow the difference to 8 points, Ingram 2 points in the distance, Pope Small throws, James made two free throws, followed by the middle distance, and another super-three-pointer, and finally harvested in a gorgeous posture.

To this end of the game, James has no solution to play 51 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists is the cornerstone of victory, of course, one person can not beat a team, two or three quarters Popper contributed 15 points (19 points and 4 rebounds in the game), Kuzma's 8 points in the third quarter (15 points and 1 rebound in the game), and Ingram's last 6 points (13 points and 7 rebounds in the game). It is an indispensable factor for the Lakers to win steadily. Well, the new Lakers are finally dawning.