Zhou Qi replaces the US agent: continue to communicate with the team and look for opportunities

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Zhou Qi replaces the US agent: continue to communicate with the team and look for opportunities

2018-11-19 20:25:15 217 ℃

Tigers on November 19th, Rocket player Zhou Qi recently accepted a telephone interview. In the interview, he mentioned his current situation in the NBA and his future development direction. idea.

Recently, the Rockets announced that they had split up with Carmelo Anthony and talked about the impact of the changes of the Rockets on themselves. Zhou Qi said: "There are a lot of newcomers in the Rockets, and the coaches are constantly adjusting their lineups to find a suitable one. The play and match. I had some injuries at the beginning, there will be some influence, and now I have adjusted my body state. But I said this myself, it is also the idea of ​​the team."

Zhou Qi continued: "I have now changed the American agent, and then I continue to communicate with the team and look for opportunities."

Talking about the NBA and the development alliance, Zhou Qi Said: "I don't know much about this. I don't have a specific statement. I just said that I received a notice every day, and then I went to the side (Development Alliance) to play the game. It is possible to inform you again the night before. NBA), it seems that there is no special plan. Every day, if he informs you, he will follow his itinerary. If he does not notify, he will stay at home."

Talking about life in the United States, Zhou Qi said: "Life Life is okay, and I am constantly adapting. This thing is not to say that it can be fully adapted in a day or two or a few months. On this side, more time is on the road, or in training, it will also be crowded. Take some time to strengthen language learning and integrate yourself into the environment as soon as possible.”

Talking about the season goal and the prospect of the 2019 World Cup, Zhou Qi said: “First of all, in this (USA) Play every game, including training to improve yourself faster, whether in the development league or in the (NBA), to fight for playing time. Next year's World Cup in the country, certainly hope to have a certain breakthrough in the world competition. The Rio Olympics is also a win, I hope that we can win this time, and then strive to break through and advance the team to help the team get tickets for the Tokyo Olympics."

Finally, talk about What the domestic fans want to say, Zhou Qi said: "Thank you very much for your concern. If you change it, then you will be crowned. In fact, for myself, I will still be determined to continue to work hard in this environment. To mention Own. "