Curry laughed and couldn't stop! Jerebko’s large-scale hook directly stops the Raptors

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Curry laughed and couldn't stop! Jerebko’s large-scale hook directly stops the Raptors

2018-11-30 10:25:32 97 ℃

In an NBA focus battle that began on November 30, the Raptors played against the Warriors at home. This game was considered to be the warm-up of the finals before the game because the strength of the two teams is the most in each half. Excellent and the most stable. Last season, the Raptors won the first place in the Eastern Conference in the regular season, while the Warriors won the championship in the Western Conference. The two teams also had targeted enhancements in the new season. From the current point of view, they have done a good job. Although the Warriors are in the second position in the West, but their core Curry, Green and Cousins ​​are absent, which also shows their strong strength from the other side.

The two teams also tried to "blow" each other in the interview before the game, although Leonard said it was only one In the ordinary regular season, but in fact everyone knows that both teams are in a winning streak, the party that beat the opponent will be full of morale. After the Raptors got Leonard, they were considered to have solved the problem of weak time in the future. From the new season, the Raptors he led did a good job. This season, the Raptors are also likely to reach the finals. It is very important for them to hand over satisfactory answers in such a strong dialogue.

The Raptors played active assists in the first half of the game, and the two teams had a high percentage of hits. His own mistakes paid a price. With Ibaka's three-pointer, the Raptors' advantage was extended to a double-digit 11 points. All the Raptors scored all the scores and were very efficient. The Warriors relied on Durant. And Thompson. After the Warriors' mistakes and the Raptors' fast-break counterattacks formed a sharp contrast, the points difference was once extended to 18 points, such a game makes people think of the previous game, the Raptors defeated the Lakers in a single game.

Fortunately, Cole adjusted in time, and the Warriors also had a 9-0 offensive under the leadership of Durant. The Raptors' bench depth is very thick. Anano made a three-pointer soon after the bench. At the end of the first quarter, the Raptors led the Warriors 38-25. Leonard scored 13 points in a single quarter and Durant scored 12 points in the first quarter. Both teams' core efficiency is quite high. In the second quarter, the Warriors did not do well for Leonard’s restrictions. The Warriors were passive.

Today's game, the Warriors played a small shock wave in the first quarter, along with the continuous transfer of the ball in the attack Jerebco Super The sky hit Ananobi successfully, the Warriors also stopped the Raptors for the first time, and Curry, who was wearing a casual suit on the sidelines, was quite happy after seeing the ball, because such a ball really did not appear before Green There have been such big hooks, but it is rare.