Where will Durant go next season? McGee: Not in the Warriors, just to the Knicks.

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Where will Durant go next season? McGee: Not in the Warriors, just to the Knicks.

2018-12-01 10:25:05 97 ℃

Live on December 1 Today Lakers player Javier McGee accepted an interview with the reporter.

When asked about the team that former teammate Kevin Durant will play next season? McGee said: "If he is not in the Warriors, then he is going to the Knicks."

Talking about the Warriors career, McGee said: "My main purpose is to play, this is my place. The point of concern. At that time, I just came out of the injury. It was an old injury that had bothered me for at least two years. I want to get back to health as soon as possible. When I signed an unsecured contract with the Warrior, I felt that there was a reason for everything. I am very happy that things are going on like this, which makes me prefer these two champions, because it is not easy for me to come along."

"My response at the time was, 'I can't even Get a guaranteed basic salary contract in the league? 'Well, I still go to the Warriors. They go to TV every day and people will see me. Although this is not guaranteed, Steve Cole will not necessarily let You played. During the first championship season, I have not played in the first 20 games. This is my bet on myself. I have done this in my life. I know my ability and I have done it."

Talking about his warrior career, McGee said: "I know I will have some playing time at the center position. We will win. This is the biggest difference. I have had the chance to go to some teams that have been losing or not in the playoffs, but that is the job for me. There is no benefit in your career."