Technical statistics are released! The Zhejiang women's volleyball team has played normally but it is still a bit horrible.

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Technical statistics are released! The Zhejiang women's volleyball team has played normally but it is still a bit horrible.

2018-12-05 00:25:05 120 ℃

In the second game of the just-concluded women's volleyball team A, Wakif Bank swept the Zhejiang women's volleyball team 3-0 (25-20, 25-13, 25-13), and told the truth after watching the game. It feels normal. After all, the Zhejiang women's volleyball team is not the target of Wakif Bank. This World Cup can win the other two Asian teams in Thailand, Chonburi and Kazakhstan Altay, even if they are successfully completed.

To say the score:

Wakif Bank: Karakult 17 Points (25 deductions in 12, 3 blocks and 2 rounds), Zhu Ting 16 points (25 deductions in 14 and 2 blocks), Lacic 12 points (12 deductions in 6 and 5 blocks), Zehla 8 points (3 blocks) ), Robinson 6 points, Ozbay 2 points

Zhejiang women's volleyball team: Ren Kaixuan 8 points (29 deduction 8 in), Wang Na 5 points (5 deduction 5 in), Zhu Yuezhou 5 points (17 deduction 3 In the middle, 2 hairs), Liu Wei contains 4 points (26 deductions in 4), Yang Hanyu 3 points (2 blocks), Li Ying 2 points, Shen Jiarong 1 point.

The score structure of the whole game: smashing 39-24, blocking 16-2, serving 6-2, losing 18-14.

In addition to his own mistakes, Wakif Bank has four points, and no other technology can be used with Wakif Bank. On one channel, the smash was less than the Wakif Bank, 15 points, and the net was less than the Wakif Bank, 14 points, and the serve did not score more than Wakif Bank.

Look at the individual score, no one scores in double, and basically the three side attackers are negative efficiency, the score has not been sent and the score is blocked, and take a look at this Technical statistics, Zhejiang women's volleyball team data can not bear to look straight, this is a point of Wakif Bank and the amateur team playing the game feeling.

Of course speaking, not only the level of the Chinese women's volleyball league, but the whole Asian level of the women's volleyball league is generally the same, the World Cup Cup of this international professional league game, only those who have more money Many powerful giants, even the Tianjin Women's Volleyball World Cup, which once dominated the domestic league, can't get rid of the plight of the group. Lang guide once transferred to the national team to play the World Cup, only Take the third place, the professional league's giants have no loopholes in all positions and use the top international players, that is, the national team is also difficult to win.