awful! The domestic women's volleyball team has a 26-point, 4-point transcript, and the second highest score comes from the second pass.

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awful! The domestic women's volleyball team has a 26-point, 4-point transcript, and the second highest score comes from the second pass.

2018-12-05 00:25:05 114 ℃

The first round of the women's volleyball World Cup, Wakif Bank 3-0 swept the Zhejiang women's volleyball team and made a good start. In this campaign, the bank team coach Goode still "takes care of" the host Zhejiang, she did not let Slotyes main, let a "small king" bank team still win, compared to the Zhejiang women's volleyball number one attacker Liu Yuhan’s performance was terrible, with a total of 26 points and 4 points.

Zhejiang women's volleyball team has limited strength, so Liu Yuhan and Ren Kaiyi were introduced to the quasi-national team, especially Liu Yuhan, compared to Ren Kaixuan only participated in the training, but she has played three major competitions, and is one of the most powerful attackers in the domestic arena. The offensive ability is known as the second only in Zhu Ding in the Chinese women's queue. However, this time she handed over a sly report.

I don’t know if it’s because the running-in time is not enough, or the second pass is not good, Liu Weihan is very awkward, maybe her own bad condition is also the reason . The transcript of 4 points and 4 points in the whole game, it seems that there is no way to go any further. Ren Kaixuan 29 deducted 8 transcripts, which is quite good in front of Liu Yuhan. The team scored the second most out of the second pass Wang Na, she actually scored 5 points in 5 deduction 5, Zhu Yuezhou as a attacker is also 5 points, but 17 deduction 3, and Liu Wei is not too bad many.

The blockade of Wakif Bank has almost become a nightmare for the bank team. This kind of game is awkward because we are the best attackers in the country. In the face of the international blockbuster, the Zhejiang women's volleyball team scored 2 blocks, all from the national hand Yang Hanyu. Of course, Yang Hanyu's score is only 3 points. This may be related to the fact that the second pass is not tacit. She and the free man Wang Mengjie's performance should not be backed up. Innocent is the player who has played the World Championships.

Review the bank team. This time Zhu Ting is considered a mercy, 25 deduction 14 is the basic operation, scored 16 points. The most scored is not foreign aid, but Karakult 17 points, the world's best offensive Rasic scored 12 points, it is necessary to note that she is blocked five times. From this point of view, the gap between the Zhejiang women's volleyball players and the world's top block is quite obvious. In fact, such a game, in terms of technical and tactical aspects, has no meaning, and the gap in personal strength is surprisingly large.