3 Chinese female referees dictate the French women's football World Cup

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3 Chinese female referees dictate the French women's football World Cup

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Qin Liang: "The new round begins, just do it"
3 Chinese female referee rulings French Women's World Cup

Li Ge

December 5, 2018"Sports Li"

FIFA announced the list of referee teams for the French Women’s World Cup in June next year. Three Chinese female referees were selected. They were referee Qin Liang, assistant referee Fang Yan and Cui Yongmei. . This is also the second time that they have been appointed by the FIFA as the law enforcement work of the Women's World Cup after participating in the Canadian Women's World Cup law enforcement work in 2015. This shows that the Chinese referee, especially the Chinese female referee, has been recognized by FIFA.

In the FIFA official website announced the 2019 French Women's World Cup referee primaries, a total of four Chinese referees are listed, in addition to Qin Liang, Fang Yan and Cui Yongmei, Luoyang's assistant referee Bao Meng Xiao is also among them.

The referees who are shortlisted in the FIFA primaries must accept the 2018 women's U17 and U20 competitions before they can qualify for the 2019 French Women's World Cup. Therefore, Qin Liang and others just went to France in August this year and enacted the French Women's World Youth Championship. Four people also appeared in the Yongchuan Women's Football Four Nations in October this year.

In FIFA The referee committee has just announced the finalists in the French women's World Cup referee list. There are 27 referees and 48 assistant referees from 42 countries, which will enforce the 2019 French Women's World Cup.

Qin Liang is the only referee in the Chinese referee. In addition, the AFC has two Australian referees, one Japanese and one North Korean referee.

A total of eight assistant referees from Asia were selected, including Assistant Referee Cui Yongmei from Tianjin and Assistant Referee Fang Yan from Shanghai. Some regrets are that Bao Mengxiao eventually lost.

The three judges who were selected also executed the Canadian Women's World Cup in 2015. In the 2-0 victory over France in Colombia, the three men joined the show. It was also the Chinese referee after 8 years. After the law enforcement women's World Cup competition, it was also the first time in the history of the Women's World Cup that three Chinese referees collectively enforced the law.

Qin Liang is now a teacher at Beijing Sports University. Qin Liang’s hometown is in Dunhuang. He was passionate about sports since he was a child. Later he was admitted to Beijing Sports University and studied football at the university. At that time, there were often football matches in the school, and football majors got some opportunities for law enforcement. Qin Liang was step by step in this most basic exercise.

Qin Liang graduated from university and obtained a national referee certificate. In 2010, he was promoted to an international referee. In recent years, she has enforced almost all the games in the women's football event. In addition, she also became the first female referee to appear in the men's professional league.

Knowing that he will once again enforce the highest level of women's football, Qin Liang appears to be both excited and calm. She said: "It is going to the World Cup year, and these four years have passed very quickly. In the FIFA confirmation list The moment means the beginning of another round of work. Next year at the World Cup, we must strive to do our best, just do it (start it)!

Qin Liang said that the finalists of the French Women's World Cup The 27 referees will conduct a one-week training course in Abu Dhabi, UAE on the 12th of this month. She is also about to leave. Then in February and April next year, FIFA will also train for the World Cup law enforcement referee to ensure that the referee can best meet the Women's World Cup.

Finance of FIFA in recent years In the international women's football event, the Chinese women's referee has never been absent.

In 2015, Qin Liang, Fang Yan and Cui Yongmei executed the Canadian Women's World Cup in 2010. Cui Yongmei executed the women's football match of the 2016 Olympic Games; Qin Liang, Fang Yan, Cui Yongmei, Liang Jianping and Bao Mengxiao respectively enforced the 2016. Year, 2018 Women's U-17, U-20 World Cup. The re-qualification of Qin Liang and others in this World Cup represents the recognition of the overall development level of Chinese women referees by FIFA and AFC.

The personal growth and business improvement of excellent referees is inseparable from the accumulation of high-level competition law enforcement experience. In recent years, the Chinese Football Association has intensified efforts to improve the level of the league, standardize the organization of the league, and improve the competition mechanism in the integration and reform of women's football events at all levels. More young and beautiful women referees have been trained and grown in the top domestic competitions such as the Women's Super League and Women's League. They also provide continuous protection for enhancing the competitiveness of China's women's referees in Asian and international competitions.

The Chinese Football Association is constantly expanding the size of referees and improving the level of referees At the same time, it also attaches great importance to the training of elite referees. It conducts many trainings for men and women elite referees every year, and selects excellent referees to participate in the training of elite referees of AFC and FIFA. The evaluation and physical fitness for excellent referees Tracking and so on continue to strengthen. In recent years, in Asian and international major events, the number of Chinese men’s and women’s referees participating in law enforcement has increased year by year. Their performance has been fully recognized by the AFC and FIFA, which has improved the overall image of Chinese referees and Chinese football. Chinese football has added luster.