Liu Wei with 11 points Zhejiang Women's Volleyball 1-3 Minas World Series Group 2 losing streak

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Liu Wei with 11 points Zhejiang Women's Volleyball 1-3 Minas World Series Group 2 losing streak

2018-12-06 00:25:09 168 ℃

Beijing time on the evening of December 5, the 2018 women's volleyball World Cup group match second round competition ended in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. The host of Group A, Zhejiang Jiashan Xitang Ancient Town, was again attacked by the enemy and challenged South American club champion Brazil Minas. Although they won the victory from the other side in the second game, the other three games lost with a big disadvantage and ended in 1-3 defeat. After two folds, the scores of the four games are 12-25, 25-21, 10-25 and 17-25. Minas, who won two straight games, scored 4 points and was ranked second in the group following Wakif Bank.

This campaign Zhejiang Xishan Xitang Ancient Town adjusted the side-attack configuration, and was changed by Wang Mengyu and Ren Kaiwei. Liu Weihan served as the coordinator, deputy attack Li Ying, Yang Hanyu, Wang Chuan Wang Na and the free man Wang Mengjie also started. Debut. Minas started with the main attack on Gabi, Natalia, Deputy Marathon, Carolina, and Brenner, second pass Ma Chris and Freeman Reya.

The first game started in Zhejiang, the attack was weak, 0-3 behind, and after a short period of time, Gaby was attacked, and Minas 8-4 led the first technical timeout. Zhejiang's combination of Natalya's hanging and hanging is at a loss 6-11. Bruna lobbed the ball, Gabi counterattack beater out of bounds, Minas pulled the score to 15-8. After Liu Weihan stormed the round, Marathon attacked the ball and Minas took the lead in the second technical timeout 16-9. Yang Hanyu singled out Natalya's smash, Zhejiang won the first block of the game to score 11-20. 11-21 behind Zhejiang with Jiang Xiaoxiao replaced Wang Mengyu to strengthen the back row, but the attack is weak and difficult to pressure. After Bruna's counterattack and counterattack was judged to be out of bounds, the challenge was successful. The Zhejiang 12-25 defeated the first game.

In the second game, Zhejiang opened Zhu Yuezhou to take up the role, and Liu Weihan returned to the main attack line partner Ren Kai. After 3 draws, the smashing ball was mistaken, and after Ren Kaiyan attacked, Zhejiang 5-3 exceeded. After the 7th level, Liu Wei broke the breakthrough of Bruna, and Zhejiang 8-7 led the first technical suspension. Liu Wei intercepted the probe and pulled the score to 9-7. Minas chased the 11th level with the Marathon fast break. After the 13th level, Natalia smashed the ball under the net, Caroline attacked the falling net, Liu Weihan counterattacked a hammer, and Zhejiang scored 3 points in the second technical timeout 16-13. Ren Kaixuan and Zhu Yuezhou successively counterattacked, opponents lost their own losses, Li Ying sealed Natalia's smash, Zhejiang extended its advantage to 22-15. Zhejiang is eager to find a two-wing attack frequency mistakes, Minas chasing 21-23. Yang Hanyu quickly defeated the game, Bruna counterattacked out of bounds, Zhejiang 25-21 pulled back a game.

The third game was 2 draws and the match was overtaken by two strikes to help Minas 6-3. After a short period of time, it was Gaby's attack and the Minas 8-4 led the first technical timeout. In the middle of the Zhejiang attack, the pressure on the attack was limited, Minas played more calmly, and the second technical suspension opened the score to 16-8. After the suspension, Zhu Yuezhou and Wang Na cooperated poorly, and the 8-18 behind Zhejiang adjusted the second pass to Lan Jiali. This substitution adjustment did not receive too good results. It is difficult for Zhejiang to lose its chance to turn around. Ren Kaizhen was attacked at the 4th position, Zhejiang 10-25 was defeated, and the big score was 1-2 behind.

The fourth game, Minas, enabled Maria Oliveira to take the lead. The opponent's offense has repeatedly made mistakes, Ren Kaixuan counterattack hit, Zhejiang 6-1 exceeded. After Ren Kaixuan was chased, Zhejiang’s offensive was limited, and Minas took the opportunity to open 6 levels. After 7 draw, Wang Mengjie failed to prevent Gabi's handling of the ball, Zhejiang two-time spiking mistakes, Minas then won 3 points and 10-7 lead. After 9-14, Zhejiang adjusted the offensive and replaced Li Ying with Shen Jiarong. A weak attack in Zhejiang is still saddened by Carolina's serve wheel, and then lost 3 points and 9-17 behind. Although Zhejiang is in the end of the two rescue points, but Liu Wei's serve mistakes still let the party 17-25 defeat, 1-3 lost to Minas.

Zhejiang’s only score in the doubles scored 11 points, and the substitute received Zhu Yuezhou scored 8 points and the assistant Yang Hanyu won 7 points. Minas's main attack, Gaby, scored 28 points and won the scoring title. The assistant attacker Mara and the main attack Natalia scored 11 points.