Suning announced that it has signed a contract with Samsung for three years. Zhou Yun and Huang Zichang are wearing new shirts.

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Suning announced that it has signed a contract with Samsung for three years. Zhou Yun and Huang Zichang are wearing new shirts.

2018-12-06 20:25:20 99 ℃

New shirts, new journeys, all "stars" attack - Jiangsu Suning Football Club's business development has made a major breakthrough. On December 6, 2018, Jiangsu Suning Football Club held the “Samsung-Jiangsu Suning Football Club Sponsorship Signing Ceremony for the 2019-2021 Season” at the Xuning Suning Headquarters in Nanjing. Samsung Electronics will become the club's top sponsor in the 2019-2021 season and get the jersey's chest and back ads. Mr. Suning will wear a new shirt with the words "Samsung" and compete for all events in the next three seasons.

A major breakthrough in business development at Suning Football Club

In the past three years, Suning Football Club has been at the forefront of Super League clubs in terms of team building, logistics support, club management, youth training system construction and fan culture construction, “More Than A Match” (not just competitions) The brand concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

These successes are inextricably linked to the support of the club's broad sponsors and partners. The club continues to innovate and break through in business development. While the number of sponsors and partners is increasing, Suning Football Club is constantly strengthening the depth and breadth of cooperation, giving sponsors and partners high-quality services in a variety of ways.

This hand-in-hand with Samsung Electronics is not only another major breakthrough in Suning Football Club's business development, but also an important manifestation of the club's brand philosophy and value. After the signing ceremony was completed, Suning Tesco team players Huang Zichang and Zhou Yun were wearing the new season home and away jerseys respectively. Suning also became the first Super League club to officially open the new season jersey.

Strongly join forces to look forward to writing a sports marketing legend

Since Samsung Electronics In sports marketing, the top choice partners are selected. Previously, Samsung Electronics was not only a sponsor and partner of the International Olympic Committee, the IAAF, but also a pioneer in the field of football sponsorship. In addition to becoming the sponsor of South Korea's K-League Suwon Samsung and Premier League team Chelsea, Samsung Electronics in 2013- In 2015, he became a partner of the Super League.

It is worth mentioning that during the 10 years of sponsoring Chelsea by Samsung Electronics, the Blue Army has gone through the most brilliant time and won a series of glory such as Premier League champions and Champions League champions. This time, the Azzurri became the Jiangsu Suning Tesco team, so Sun Weimin, the vice chairman of Suning Tesco Group, also expressed his hopes for cooperation between the two parties: "The change is the partner, the blue belief is unchanged. Suning will play the spirit of the Group's persistent and never-spoken entrepreneurial spirit, and make every effort to create success. At the same time, the two sides will cooperate in all aspects of Suning football and jointly promote the Chinese football while improving the overall strength of the team. Development."

For this time with Suning, Samsung Electronics Greater China President Quan Guixian said: "Based on the recognition of Suning Football Club brand concept and brand value, we are willing to work together to write Samsung again The magic of sports marketing."

Intensive cooperation and close interaction to achieve a win-win situation

This signing is also a model for strong alliances between the two Fortune 500 companies. In addition to Samsung Electronics becoming a sponsor of Jiangsu Suning Football Club, Samsung and Suning will further deepen their business cooperation at the strategic level in the future.

In fact, Suning and Samsung have had innovative cooperation in the past. Last year, Inter Milan’s Inter Milan Football Club and Samsung jointly launched the Inter Milan customized mobile phone to provide fans with personalized products.

Sun Weimin said: "This in-depth cooperation, Suning will promote the online and offline upgrade of Samsung Electronics, and maintain close cooperation with Samsung Electronics in brand promotion, market expansion, fan interaction, and topic marketing. Cooperation, generate stronger interaction with consumers, and provide better products and services for consumers and fans. Therefore, the cooperation between the two parties is a win-win situation for the three parties, not only Samsung and Suning, but also Consumers and fans win."

Quan Guixian said: "Samsung Electronics has been committed to providing diversified marketing activities for consumers in the Chinese market. This time with Suning and Jiangsu Suning Football Club The cooperation will provide strong momentum for Samsung Electronics to further communicate with consumers in China."

In the past 2018 season, Suning Tesco team had the least conceded Ranked fifth in the league and the reserve team won the league title. The younger generation of Suning, represented by Huang Zichang, set off a youthful storm on the field; before the start of the new season, the club welcomed the top brand sponsors. Suning Football, which aims at the 100-year-old club, is moving forward in the future of light and glory.