Ke Jie: It’s significant to win the world championship. The 1.85 million bonus finally eased the mortgage pressure.

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Ke Jie: It’s significant to win the world championship. The 1.85 million bonus finally eased the mortgage pressure.

2018-12-07 00:25:19 55 ℃

December 6th news, December 5th in the Samsung Cup final, Ke Jie nine paragraphs 325 hands 5 eyes and half defeated South Korean player An Guoqi eight paragraphs, in the case of the first defeat in the finals, the two sides reversed Win the championship. After the game, Ke Jie, who just won the sixth world championship, made a laugh. He said that the 300 million won won by the championship can ease the pressure on mortgages.

Kejie wins the Samsung Cup champion

Before, Ke Jie won the 2014 Bailing Cup, In 2015, the Samsung Cup, the Dream Lily Cup, the 2016 Samsung Cup, and the 2017 New Olympic Cup won five world championships. But in the past more than a year, his state has been erratic, and he has already lost the world's first ranking. In this competition, he successfully won the championship and surpassed the legendary legend of South Korea, Li Changyi, becoming the youngest 6-time champion in history.

This game, Ke Jie still played with the disease, he said after the game, "very excited. Before the rotten Ke Cup has been a little cold symptoms, the body has been very bad, cough these few nights I almost couldn't sleep. I was really lucky to win the championship this time."

After winning the championship, he also got The champion prize of 300 million won (about 1.85 million yuan), while the runner-up is 100 million won (about 610,000 yuan).

A reporter asked about the significance of this champion for Ke Jie. He said, "In fact, I really don't have confidence in playing chess because AI (artificial intelligence) is really amazing, every one. The strength of the players is very close, it is too difficult to get a world champion. I think this championship is very meaningful to me, this is my sixth world champion. Recently, the pressure on mortgages is quite large, at least It can make my livelihoods awkward."

The world champion of Go has to worry about mortgages. Netizens have vomited. "There is pressure for the world champion to buy a house. It seems that the house is really expensive." "Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize and can't afford a Beijing suite." "Psychological balance, the world champion also has mortgage pressure." "This kind of challenge to the human limit is not as good as the star's endorsement" "Reporter asked Ke Jie, how to get the bonus preparation? Ke Jie said, still mortgage. Reporter asked, What's the rest? Ke Jie said, slowly." "Probably the mortgage of the fifth suite." . "