The CBA is now a super-amateur mistake. It’s too bad for Guangdong to score 100 points in three quarters.

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The CBA is now a super-amateur mistake. It’s too bad for Guangdong to score 100 points in three quarters.

2018-12-07 00:25:20 102 ℃

Rohan defensive

Beijing time on December 6th, this confrontation between Guangdong and Shanghai, Li Qiuping, known as "Little Zhuge" As soon as I came up, I sacrificed a strange array and sent a lineup of three point guards. Luo Hanjun, Fredette and Tang Zihao appeared together.

However, what is embarrassing is that Tang Zihao and Luo Hanjun do not have much ability to attack outside. The breakthrough is not what they are good at. Although Luo Hanjun scored 19 points in the final stage of the last stage, he averaged only 3.2 points per game this season. Tang Zihao is also half a catty, averaging 2 points this season, only 22% three-point shooting.

The combination of the three controls, the effect is actually not good, the opening Shanghai can bite the score with Guangdong, both thanks to Guangdong did not play well. Shanghai was able to lead in the first quarter, or because it gave up this wonderful lineup and sent Scola. After Scola played, he scored 9 points to help Shanghai lead into the second quarter.

In the second quarter, Li Qiuping continued to send Luo Hanjun and Tang Zihao. This time, Guangdong was not polite, and a wave of spreads opened the gap. Guangdong's backcourt players completely blew the back of Shanghai. Delaney and Zhao Rui were in the middle of the game. Guangdong took the game.

Look at the backcourt players in Shanghai Especially the starting Luohan, people feel quite amateur. After a chance to easily get through the basket, a Shanghai counterattack, Luo Hanjun was staged a scene of spicy eyes.

At that time, Luo Hanjun took the ball and advanced, and in the frontcourt, the dribbling rhythm was affected. I changed my rhythm. At this time, the ball was disobedient, and the dribble was over the shoulder. Luo Han wanted to go back and chase the ball. It was too late. Guangdong completed the counterattack, and the U.S. Such low-level mistakes appear on CBA players, which makes people dare not imagine. In the face of such opponents, Guangdong is also playing more and more relaxed, they completely opened the offensive in the subsequent games, the scores of the three sections of Guangdong will be broken, and the game will lose its suspense. In the current CBA, it is really not easy for Guangdong to lose a game now.