Guangdong team winning streak and rotation team Now Du Feng can take care of both

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Guangdong team winning streak and rotation team Now Du Feng can take care of both

2018-12-07 00:25:23 63 ℃

Beijing time12month6End of the dayCBA A focus game, the Guangdong team in the home game in the game against the Shanghai team, with the second quarter to strengthen the defense and speed up the counterattack speed, not only overtake the opponent, but also scored the difference to lay the victory, and ultimately defeat The Shanghai team won the season's battle16 winning streak. From the first half of Du Feng's strategy of playing the three major national teams plus two foreign aids, the scores in the second half will be seen in the bold rotation of the players. Now Du Feng has already combined the results and the training team. Fish and bear's paws want it, he did it in this game.

A truce after a period of time, against In the Shanghai team's game, public opinion once thought that this was the focus of the Guangdong team's winning streak. Because this season, the Shanghai team in the training of Li Qiuping's return, the performance is obviously rising, they have the strength and confidence of the Guangdong team.

Although the Guangdong team played very well at the opening, but entered the middle section, the Guangdong team's offensive score was suddenly not ideal, and repeatedly missed. The Shanghai team took the opportunity to catch the counterattack and overtake the score. They led the Guangdong team in the first quarter and gave the Guangdong team a home game.

But when the second quarter double When the foreign aid came out, the Guangdong team fully grasped the weakness of Scola's slow speed and resolutely played fast. Relying on a positive overall defense, limiting the opponent's pass ball, forced the opponent's hit rate to drop, the Guangdong team continued to fight fast counterattack. With the fast break scores of the times, the Guangdong team won the opponent in a single section, and ended the half with the advantage of 19.

Comment on the performance of the Guangdong team in the first half, careful fans can be found, the first half of this game, Du Feng obviously not very positive rotation. Aside from the main lineup, it also rotated Weims, Hu Mingxuan, Meng Hao and Su Wei to play. Moreover, in this case of the rotation of the people, the three foreign players of the United Arab Emirates, Zhou Peng and Zhao Rui played the most time, both at 15 minutes or more. The other four local rotation players are only a few minutes away. The rotation is not active, and the players who play the rotation are not much time. This is the embodiment of Du Feng in the first half of this game.

The first stage, Du Feng did not deliberately want a winning streak. He is more active in rotating players and training teams. Therefore, at that time, the Guangdong team often rotated around at half-time, and the playing time was evenly distributed. But in this game, Du Feng in the first half, more time is the main three major national team to join hands with two foreign aid to play, but also with such a strong overall strength, not only the overtaking score but also the big score to open the points difference to lay a winning advantage.

Only in the second half to ensure a big lead, ensuring the victory, Du Feng was a bold rotation player to play. Now Du Feng, no longer simply training the team, running the tactics, he began to combine the results and rotation to lead the Guangdong team to continue winning streak. The three major national players plus two foreign aids have enough points to open the points difference, and finally actively rotate the player training team in the garbage time. In this game, Du Feng showed a good performance of both fish and bear's paw. . With this play, the Guangdong team will continue to win.