Guangsha defeated Chouzhou Bank to win the CBA Zhejiang Derby! Hu Jinqiu broke out to follow Guangdong Hongyuan

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Guangsha defeated Chouzhou Bank to win the CBA Zhejiang Derby! Hu Jinqiu broke out to follow Guangdong Hongyuan

2018-12-07 00:25:24 178 ℃

On December 6th, the main scene of Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank attracted much attention to the competition in Zhejiang Guangsha. This is also the first match between the two teams after the national team game ended, and it is also a Zhejiang Derby. In the end, Zhejiang Guangsha won the Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank in the away game 104-99. Hu Jinqiu in their team played quite well, and the double foreign aids Fordson and Bolossis also performed well. Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank's last game was fully blossomed. They beat the Mountain East and West team by 25 points at home. The team also showed a good state. Salinger, Gu Quan, Li Muhao and Kenny Burton in the near future. They all have excellent performances. They also have national players in Dehao. The lineup of Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team is considered to be promising to enter the playoffs in the highly competitive CBA. Now they are ranked 8-8. In the ninth league, they still need to work harder if they don't want to play the play-offs.

Zhao Yanwei scored the first score for the Guangsha Men's Basketball Team. Su Ruojun made Guangsha a 4-0 start. However, Deng Meng of Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank broke out very quickly, and he hit three three-pointers in the opening game, and there was a 2+1 layup that led the team to overtake the score. Zhu Xuhang hooked up to let Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank expand its advantage to double digits. However, under the leadership of Hu Jinqiu, the Guangsha team narrowed the points difference. At the end of the first quarter, Guangsha 29-32 was behind Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank. In the second quarter, Deng Meng's play is still efficient. In the case of Fordson's general feeling, Sun Minghui continued the excellent state of the national team. His three-pointer is very important. At the end of the half, Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank continued to lead, with a score of 57-51.

This Zhejiang Derby is really intense, the score has been very tight, and the scores of both sides have not been opened. However, after Fordson found the state, and Hu Jinqiu maintained a 100% hit rate, the Guangsha team overtook the score. At the end of the three quarters, 75-79 Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank is still lagging behind. At the beginning of the game, the Zhejiang team tried their best to narrow the points difference. However, Hu Jinqiu of Guangsha played quite well. His offensive efficiency is very high. Therefore, when Chouzhou Bank narrows the points difference, it can always regain its advantage with foreign aid. Xiamen 104-99 won the Zhejiang Derby and continued to follow Guangdong Hongyuan.

Zhejiang Guangsha was the team that participated in the finals last season. They still maintain a high standard this season. Up to now, they have only lost to Beijing Shougang and Xinjiang Guanghui, and their record is second only to Guangdong Hongyuan. Under the leadership of Fordson and Hu Jinqiu, Zhejiang Guangsha has the opportunity to replicate or even surpass the glory of next year.