After the relegation of the former AFC Champions League, it turned into an Asian "supermarket"! Guoan opponent successfully won the first

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After the relegation of the former AFC Champions League, it turned into an Asian "supermarket"! Guoan opponent successfully won the first

2018-12-07 20:25:10 161 ℃

For Guoan, the season has just ended and they are madly reinforcing, and the opponents have not stopped. The 32-year-old former Japanese international player, Beibei Meng, will officially transfer to Taichao Buri Nanlian! In fact, the current situation of the J-League, the cypress, is very bad, and the core players will leave the team.

For many teams, once they are downgraded, they face many problems. First, they don’t know when they can return. To the top league, and then the core players are not willing to play in the lower leagues, they will all seek to leave the team. Sure enough, the Cypress Sun God, who had just relegated to the J1 League, this former AFC Champion has now become an Asian "supermarket."

Worked in Europe such as Leverkusen, Augsburg, Hertha Berlin, Bursa Sports and Stuttgart The team's former Japanese international player, Beibei Meng, ended 105 games in the Bundesliga and returned to China to join the Boss Sun God in 2017. He relegated to the team this season. He is naturally not willing to play J2, so he chose a team. The team that can play the AFC Champions League is the Buri South Union.

After the transfer of Benedictine to Buriram, the Asian foreign position of the giants does not have to worry, the overall strength is also A great degree of improvement, at this time, the death of this AFC team is also more sufficient. After Beijing Guoan won the 2018 FA Cup, he also sent himself to the most powerful death group in the 2019 AFC Champions League. Not surprisingly, the team's strongest opponent in the national security, in addition to the 2016 AFC Champions Jeonbuk Hyundai, is also likely to have the 2017 AFC Champion Puhe Red Diamond. Don't forget Buri Nanlian, this team is not afraid of the Super League team in the past.

In fact, Xibei Meng is the first person to leave the team. Looking at it now, Nakamura Ayasu, Ito Junya, Nakayama Yuta, and foreign aid Orunga and Natan will leave the team, and the Bai Sun God Supermarket opens! Very interestingly, it is very difficult for Asian teams to sign these players, because their goals are all reported to be in Europe, and their own leagues can't keep going. This is something that can't be thought of in Super League, and the J League is a regular operation. All in all, the Cypress Sun God is facing a crisis of indulging in this, but the talents of the Japanese domestic league are constantly flowing, which is why the J League has won the AFC Champion in a row.