Powerful center is in place! Evergrande is a great move, and Kashuai can easily cook without "fired squid".

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Powerful center is in place! Evergrande is a great move, and Kashuai can easily cook without "fired squid".

2018-12-07 20:25:10 161 ℃

Although Guangzhou Evergrande regrets missing the Eight Crowns this season, it is a pity for the fans, but the team has created a new one. The record, a single season of smashing 82 balls has created a record high, no one can rival the terrorist attack. But in fact, Evergrande in the first half of the season was frightening, and faced the Dalian side and the Beijingers and such relegation teams. Fortunately, the introduction of Taliska and Paulinho in the interim period of the "Baota combination" was able to retain the hope of the title.

It is worth mentioning that joining Paula and taking a trip to the Iberian Peninsula seems to have experienced Paulinho. The horror upgrade, not only the defense is more reassuring, the offensive technology has been polished very fine, scored 13 goals in 19 games, contributed 6 assists, averaging a goal, the progress of the big visible.

It’s a pity that it’s very difficult for Paulinho to balance both offense and defense in one game. The Zheng team who is partnering with him is also trapped in age and injury, and the competitive state has declined. In addition, the collective downturn of Evergrande's defense line this season has caused Evergrande to often catch fire in the backyard in important games. Even the front attackers are even stronger. It is impossible to fill the pot all the time. This phenomenon is reflected in the two games with Shanghai.

After a season of frustration, Evergrande decided to make a change. From the French media "Le10Sport" news, Guangzhou Evergrande wants to take away 26-year-old top back Tiageo Mendes from Lille, it is reported that Evergrande has sent the first offer of 15 million euros, and as a law Lille of the giants also intends to sell Mendes in the winter window. It can be seen that the probability of the Evergrande winter window taking Mendes is very high. At the same time, Evergrande also wants to pay 50 million euros in advance in the winter window to buy Paulinho, to set the tone for Evergrande's future new dynasty.

Mendez has the property of a ball-scraping machine, and his 3 steals per game has proved his defense in Ligue 1 Level. In terms of style, Mendes is a small defensive midfielder with a wide defensive coverage, similar to the important player of the French team's championship this summer. Contrary to Mendes, Paulinho belongs to the tall and strong midfielder. If Evergrande really introduces Mendes, his complementarity with Paulinho on the lower back line will have an unexpected effect.

As everyone knows, Zheng Zhi will reach 39 years old "old age" next year, and his career is running low, but Hengda There are still not enough young players to take over Zheng Zhi’s floating head. It is justifiable to introduce Mendes in the absence of choice.

The addition of Mendes can make the defensive hardness and tenacity of Evergrande midfielder improve. With his sweeping in the middle and backcourt, Paulinho, who is partnering with him, can boldly advance. No worries. Combined with Paulinho's offensive "natural talent" this season, Mendes's arrival may help Paulinho to compete for the Super League Golden Boot. The strong center that Evergrande is looking for is already in the lineup, that is Paulinho.

Recently, Cannavaro posted a photo of himself in his social account, fat beef And a charming smile can feel his mood. The media has never been a source of signings for the signings. The introduction of Mendes to strengthen the midfield, buy out Paulinho and then attack and retreat to defend, and Cannavaro, who has two wings in one fell swoop, finally has no need to worry about being "fried squid", but can easily Fried sirloin.