He is the gymnastics world champion, but now he is eating a prison in prison, why is he stepping into the abyss step by step?

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He is the gymnastics world champion, but now he is eating a prison in prison, why is he stepping into the abyss step by step?

2018-12-07 20:25:10 202 ℃

Many people think that athletes are struggling in the arena, and the glorious characters who strive to win gold for the country are an admirable profession. Many athletes can accumulate a lot of injuries in order to get a champion. We are very sad, and many athletes do not have a good treatment after retiring, which makes us feel bad, but some athletes have gone to jail after retiring. This is not only a sad heart, but even some anger.

What we are talking about today is an athlete from our Chinese trampoline team. His name is Yang Song. Yang Song once said that he was born from a small talent. At the age of 20, he won the gold medal in the World Championships. Then he won two gold medals in the World Championships individual and group. But what is unexpected is that an athlete with such excellent results, who stood on the winner's podium three years ago, is now sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison for fraud. This situation is really unexpected. what.

The passing of this matter is actually very heartbreaking. After Yang Song won the world championship, the government naturally wants In recognition of his glory for the country, he gave him a house. Whenever the house is in short supply, this house is a local government that has set a special price limit for the introduction of special talents. Therefore, this house can only be sold outside until 2019. However, Yang Song had money after winning the championship. He was not enterprising all day, and he was still addicted to the Internet and gambling. These two things can quickly hollow out people's wealth, so Yang Song will soon accumulate his own. Bonuses and savings, squandered, and even owed a debt.

But a person who used to spend a lot of money is now impossible to make him cut back and eat, so he The idea of ​​the house that the government rewarded was started, so Yang Song sold the house to Zhang for 1.6 million yuan. However, this suite can only be sold again in 2019. Zhang gave Yang a 800,000 down payment, but Yang Song’s gambling debt was owed. The 800,000 yuan was a drop in the bucket, so he changed his hand and sold the house. Gave another person. A house selling two people is obviously a scam, but Yang Song did not think after getting the money: I have to get out of the money and have to rush to escape. He even has to gamble well. But things disappeared in a few days, and the police finally captured them. Even when he was arrested, he was playing games in an Internet cafe.